Original Greek God


The God of time Rardis

Rardis is the god of time. Brother of messenger Hermes, Rardis is capable of going anywhere in time with just a snap of his fingers. Skinny, and of average hight, Rardis has sandy blonde hair, and fair skin. Normally wearing a traditional Greek toga, but of a golden color, and white olive branches upon his head like a crown.


As mentioned already- Rardis has the ability to travel through time with a simple snap of his fingers. He his also the one responsible for 'De Ja vu'- The feeling of having done the exact same thing before. Rardis is the one who pulls back day/night time for daylight savings. He also conducts when to rise, and lower the sun and moon, separating day into night.  


Rardis is the brother of Hermes. Rardis is wed to Eos, the Goddess of dawn, who brings in the new day. However, they bare no children.