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for the week of April 18, 2022

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Message from the Principal

If you run across me at Falcon Park, Mariano's, or the YMCA, you will normally see me wearing my Winston gear. Being the Principal of Winston Campus is something that I am incredibly proud to be.

As MAP scores have started to come in, I am incredibly proud of the results that have come back. It is my main responsibility to make sure our students are growing academically and social emotionally and are becoming the best version of themselves while preparing to be successful in high school. The amount of students who have met their growth goals is at the top of schools nationwide!

Additionally, we were recently recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education due to our school's climate and culture, and during last week's D15 Board Meeting, our student academic growth was recognized. There's a ton to be proud of!

One of the other things that makes me incredibly proud is the diversity of our student body. This past weekend, Ramadan, Passover, and Easter celebrations overlapped. The overlap of the three observances occurs about every 33 years. Personally, my family celebrates Easter. I hope that regardless of what your family celebrated this past weekend, if anything, you enjoyed the Friday off, and that this blurb engages our students in thought of what they are proud of.

Mission Statement

"Inspiring a community of learners to believe in themselves and achieve their potential"

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Important Dates Coming Up

MAP Make-Ups (All Grades) - In case a student has not finished their MAP Test

Shield Testing - Monday, April 18, 2022 (12:15 - 2:15)

Winston Campus Jr. High Open House - Thursday, May 5, 2022 [6:00PM - 7:00PM]

Teacher Institute Days [No School] - Thursday, May 5, 2022 and Friday, May 6, 2022

Memorial Day [No School] - Monday, May 30, 2022

Graduation and Half Day for 8th Graders- Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Last Day and Half Day for 7th Graders - Friday, June 3, 2022

Multilingual Parent Advisory Committee (MPAC)

The Multilingual Parent Advisory Committee (MPAC) will be hosting two meetings in May! On Wednesday, May 18 the MPAC will host a virtual Moving 15 Forward information session from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Please use this link to view the flyer and registration details. In addition, the MPAC will be providing parents the opportunity to attend the 16th Bilingual Parent Summit. The conference will take place in Oak Book, IL, on Saturday, May 7, from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. Please use this link to view the flyer and registration details.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeffrey Tadelman in the Multilingual Programs Department by phone (847-963-3203) or email (tadelmaj@ccsd15.net).

Improving Family-School Relationship

One of our teachers, Ms. Weinman, is currently in a Masters Program in Educational Leadership at Roosevelt University. As a part this Masters program, Ms. Weinman has a project to help strengthen family-school relationships. She is hoping to gather feedback from various groups to analyze family- school relationships and recommend some changes to our school in order to help us continuously improve. Please complete this survey by April 18th.

MAP Testing

MAP Testing continues this week for students who have not gotten a chance to finish them. Across classes and grade levels we are seeing extraordinary growth! Everyone has been worried about learning loss since the start of the pandemic. At Winston, while we had seen an achievement slide, it was significant less than the District and nation average. On the same note, we are seeing growth in much higher rates than same grade-level peers across the District and the country.

We are incredibly proud of the work ethic and dedication we have seen from our students and teachers!

Check in with your student to see how they did in comparison to their goal.

one-five Teacher Tribute

Teachers inspire us all year long, but next month is a special time for you to show how you feel. Teacher Appreciation Day is May 3, 2022. The one-five Foundation offers a wonderful way to acknowledge someone who has made a lasting impact and supports innovative education. It is easy to participate in this much-appreciated TEACHER TRIBUTE PROGRAM. Your contribution will be a welcome recognition for the teachers or staff you name, and it will help the Foundation continue its work on behalf of all District 15 students.

Tributes will run from April 4-28, 2022. For additional information please visit www.one-five.org.
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Plastic Bag Recycling Drive

For Earth Month - April 2022, we will be conducting a Community-Wide Plastic Bag Drive working with a local non-profit.

Why are we having this drive?

None of the trash haulers - Republic, Flood Brothers, Groot, Waste Management and Lake Shore Recycling - allow plastic bags into the recycling bins because the plastic bags harm their equipment. For this reason, most plastic bags end up in the landfill.

Clean Up - Give Back's goal is to collect thousands of pounds of these bags during Earth Month and donate them to a company that makes outdoor furniture and equipment. This company will use some of the plastic bags to make a bench which we will present to the community in September 2022.

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Moving District 15 Forward

We are delighted to announce that the Moving 15 Forward initiative is going on the road this spring!

Board of Education President Lisa Scuzupaj and Dr. Laurie Heinz will share the specifics of the proposal and seek feedback from stakeholders across our communities. We also will be meeting with other organizations and groups within the communities we serve.

At the presentation, you can expect to receive an overview of the Moving 15 Forward plan with a particular focus on why this comprehensive plan is focused on repairing and restoring our facilities, updating learning spaces, improving student transitions, as well as providing full-day kindergarten, enhanced educational opportunities, and the chance to learn at near-neighborhood schools. In addition, each presentation will include detailed information specific to the host school(s) that evening. All sessions will include time for questions and answers.

We urge you to attend the session dedicated to your school(s) if possible, but you are welcome to attend any session that fits your schedule.

We hope that you are able to join us in person. If you are unable to attend, please visit the Moving 15 Forward website to view the proposed plan details, videos, and a Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have further questions at any time, we invite you to let us know via this form or email Moving15Forward@ccsd15.net. We will do our best to provide answers to your questions.

We are so pleased to be taking Moving 15 Forward on the road this spring. We value your feedback and look forward to sharing more with you about this exciting initiative.

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Chromebook Reminders

Students should be charging their Chromebooks nightly. We encourage familes to create a system that everynight at a certain hour, the student puts their Chromebook to charge as they pack their backpack for the following day.

Reporting an Absence

If your student will be absent for any reason, please give us a call on the attendance line.


Here to Serve You!

We want to make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed. The Winston Campus Jr. High Office is open starting at 6:35AM - 3:05PM. Additionally, our Administrators are available via phone and e-mail. We are here to serve you, so please do not hesitate to reach out!

Martin Da Costa - Principal

(847) 963-7405 dacostam@ccsd15.net

Tomas Reyes - Assistant Principal

(847) 963-7404 reyest@ccsd15.net

John "Jack" Olson - Assistant Principal

(847) 963-7423 olsonj@ccsd15.net

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