Notes from Jenna

September 16, 2016


I want to begin each newsletter celebrating some wonderful things we are seeing here at Borchardt! So here it goes...

I wanted to extend a shout out to kinder not only have they survived week #4 with those kinder babies but, they have practiced WIN time with them as well. They have also been collecting data and creating strategy groups based off of top essentials their students need to become successful readers! Way to go Megan, Lindsey, Riley, Michaelyn, and Rabia.


Please fill out the following survey if you haven't done so already. It gives me some information on areas where I might be of assistance. Plus, I need to know your favorite Sonic drink and snack in case I decide to surprise your team!


All students have been uploaded into stemscopes. You should be able to create your class lists and add your students to your stemscopes page.



New teachers to Frisco ISD will not be in the system to access exemplars until October 10th. Please make sure to share your exemplars with those that can't access them.


MSTAR and ESTAR are online formative assessments that are administered to students in grades 2-4 (ESTAR) and 5-8 (MSTAR). The purpose of these assessments is to guide instruction in relation to student's readiness for algebra. Additionally, the results will help teachers determine if students are on track or at risk for meeting curriculur expectations in algebra.

Students in grades 2-5 will take this assessment three times a year (BOY, MOY, and EOY). However, there will be a "soft roll out" for ESTAR this fall. This means that only one 2nd grade, one 3rd grade, and one 4th grade will take the ESTAR for the first administration. Everyone will take the winter and spring administration.

Students in 5th grade will take MSTAR for BOY, MOY,and EOY.

The window for both ESTAR and MSTAR is open now through October 14th. I will get more information out about ESTAR to grades 2-4 as soon as I get more information.


Remember that BOY assessments are due in aware by September 30th.

Lucy Calkins

We have ordered an additional Lucy Calkins reading kit for grades K-5! Please remember that these resources are highly encouraged. I know that they can be overwhelming to read and lengthy as well. I do not want anyone feeling stressed or spending hours each night reading through Lucy, so please come talk to me if you are feeling that. I'm here to help and I want you to feel successful with Lucy.

Social Studies

Here are just a few ideas on how to better integrate social studies into your week:

* K-2 - there are 120 minutes allotted for science weekly. You can easily integrate the additional 30 minutes for social studies during that time.

* Use your Social Studies readers during your Reader's workshop

* Citizenship lessons could be used during your classroom meetings