High Yield Strategies

Improving Initial Instruction has lasting benefits

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Understanding Success to Do Better Next Time.

Using assessment FOR learning in Tier 1 initial instruction yields high results. Use this video to learn about using daily formative assessments early in the learning process. Assessment FOR learning has teachers and students working in a partnership that allows them both to understand success, diagnose needs, and see progress. Understanding of a student's mastery of foundations allows teachers to immediately intervene and target instruction so that students can later demonstrate mastery of the skills on an assessment OF learning.
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Reflective Teaching..visit the Organization KOHS High Yield Instructional Strategies on Blackboard

Have you ever listened or learned about a strategy that sounded intriguing but wondered.... "what would that look like in my classroom?"...we can help you with that!

KO teachers are embracing new strategies and implementing tiered instruction on a regular basis.

We've filmed some of these strategies in action.

Teachers schedule a time to be filmed, on their own or with colleagues they then can watch their class to then reflect on what they thought about the activites/strategies they used to better improve initial instruction for their students. This is a great professional learning tool available to all. Please contact your Instructional Specialist if you would like to get involved.