The Khans!!!

Genghis And His Sons

Who are Genghis Khan and his sons? Well Genghis Khan was a strong ruler who created the largest land empire in history. His son Kublai Khan completed the conquest of the song, established a new Chinese dynasty, and ruled China until 1294.
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The Decline Of The Mongol Dynasty

The Mongol dynasty was an amazing dynasty that lasted for years though it eventually fell victim to too much spending on foreign conquests, corruption at court, and growing instability. The empire finally fell in 1368.

Religion And Government of The Mongols

The mongols decided early on to adapt parts from other religions to help their own. The first of these religions was Buddhism. Buddhism affected the Mongol dynasty by making the Mongols destroy various Buddhist temples and monasteries and forced more than 260,000 monks and nuns to leave. The second religion to affect the Mongols was Neo-Confucianism. Neo-Confucianism affected the Mongols by making advances in literature, creating the idea of printing, and making art more modernistic. Daoism is the last religion to affect the Mongols. It affected the Mongols by doing mostly the same type of deal as Buddhism.

The Golden Age And The Effect It Had On The Mongols

Between the T'ang and Ming dynasties raised the golden age literature. During this golden age poetry increased and at least 48,000 poems were written. As well as poetry came advances to painting and ceramics. These advances came in the form being influenced by religions such as Daoism. During this time period Chinese men introduced the landscape form for painting which literally means "landscape water".
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A Day In The Life Of Someone In Genghis's Army

A day in the life of someone in Genghis khan's army consisted of waking up and eating some lamb's meat or mutton over a dung fire and drinking some fermented milk. This person would then get in his lumen and herd animals. They would then end their day by going to bed in near sub-zero temperatures.
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