South East Region

By Patrick

the south east

Welcome to the south east. The south east is a hot and fun place to go. Many people like to go to the south east for vacation. People like it there for the nice weather. It gets very hot in the south east region. you can be wet without jumping in little water. If your looking for a nice home with nice weather the south east is the place to go.

State and Capitals

Alabama- Montgomery*

Arkansas- Little Rock*

Florida- Tallahassee*

Georgia- Atlanta*

Kentucky- Frankfort*

Louisiana- Boton Rouge*

Mississippi- Jackson*

North Carolina- Raleigh*

South Carolina- Columbia*

Virginia- Richmond*

West Virginia- Charleston*

Snow Birds

A snow bird can be anyone in the world.Snow birds are people that move to the warmer weather in the winter and move back when it gets warmer.Many snow birds come to the southeast region for the warm weather.In the southeast region it can get very hot.You would never need a heater.Sometimes it gets cooler.

What This Region Has To Offer

Florida has really sweet juicy oranges. You will never let go if you just love oranges. People in Mississippi grow cotton. Cotton is normally used to make cloth.In Kentucky you can find coal fields.Arkansas has the only diamond keeping diamond find in the world. This region has way more to offer than this. Many more.Go to this region and you will have a amazing vacation.