Camp Gilles de la Tourette

The camp for the Tourette

Camp for kids 5-12 with Tourette Syndrome

This camp is for the kids with Tourette Syndrone ONLY!This is where they can feel like a normal kid with other kids with the same thing! Camp is from Fri,Sat ,and Wed! Things your going to need is a pillow, poison ivy cream, any medicen needed, any clothes if spending the night all week (we also have parent week on Mon, Tues, and Thurs to pick them up), and joy for camp because going to be a great summer camp. The camps last day is August 1st so they will be ready for school. The cost is $10 dollars per kid so its pretty cheap.

Dates of camp, things needed,etc

Saturday, June 22nd 2013 at 5:15am to Sunday, June 30th 2013 at 9pm

Tyler Tx

The things we do is we test their tics to know them better. We then put them in the activites that seems best. The activites are swimming, crafting, arts and craft,camping, and hiking. We will be total careful with your kids while there here. By the way Tourette Syndrome is not contagus.

Are mission is to. . .

make them feel like a normal kid and not a wierd freak that other kids think they are. Tourette Syndrome is just a thing were the person has tics or unwanted twiches were they can have a vocal twich or a nerve twich. Some people think its contagus, well its not. But its is genetic.

Daily Scedual

8:00: Breackfast

8:10: Streches

8:15: Crafting

8:30: swimming

9:00: hikeing

9:45: Arts and crafts

10:15: Free Chosie

10:50: Prepare for lunch

11:00: Lunch

12:00: clean up

12:15: Camping out

4:00: Return for more matirials

4:15: Contineue camping

6:00: Return for bed

6:30: play in cabin

9:00: Bed time

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