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Dear Students and Families,

Greetings from the Deans!

We hope this newsletter finds you and yours healthy, happy, and safe. As COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to spike in Franklin County, we want to share with you that The Graham School will continue with our remote learning model through the end of Quarter 3- Friday, March 5. While we miss our students greatly and yearn to connect in person, we must continue to prioritize the health and safety of our students and staff.

We recognize that remote learning is not ideal AND we want to applaud our staff, students, and our families for rising to the challenges presented by remote learning. Our teachers have learned new technology and adapted curriculum and lesson plans better suited for engaging students online. Our staff continues to work tirelessly to reach out to students to support academically, socially, and emotionally. If there was ever a time to support the social and emotional development of our students, it is now. Our students have also learned new technology and continue to advocate for themselves when they need additional help and support. You are persevering during a time when prioritizing academics may be difficult. Finally, our grownups are learning new technologies and ways to support students learning at home. It is not easy. And you, too, continue to persist. We are proud of each and every student, grownup at home, and staff member for making this school year the best that we can, despite the obstacles we face. THANK YOU.

As we prepare for Q4 and May Days, we will continue to evaluate the feasibility of bringing students into the building by considering Franklin County COVID case data and the physical constraints of responsible social distancing in a building as small as ours. TGS will also continue to pursue strategies to engage with and support all of our students online. We urge you to continue to wear your masks, wash your hands frequently, and maintain social distancing. As a community we must see a significant decrease in cases before we can consider a plan to safely bring our students back to school. We need your help. At The Graham School we are CREW, not passengers!

OST's and WebXams have been postponed until the spring. More information to come. Also please note that we have changed our calendar so that Second Semester classes begin January 11, NOT January 6 as previously scheduled.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out by email or call the school at 614-262-1111.


Amy Vickroy, Sarai Correa, & RJ Larry


Due to rapidly increasing COVID cases, we have closed the school building until January. Regularly scheduled meal pick up times and previously arranged individual appointments will continue. In the event that you come to the building for an appointment, the following protocols will be observed:

  • If you are picking up or dropping off items/paperwork/materials, you may be directed to stay in your car so that someone can come out to meet you
  • If you need to come inside for your appointment, you will be asked a few health screening questions over the intercom before you are permitted entry to the building. You MUST wear a mask when you enter the building and you will be asked to take your temperature once you are inside.

As always, no one who is experiencing symptoms, quarantined in their household, or is a close contact to anyone potentially exposed to the virus should enter the building.

Schoology Help Videos

TGS Instructional Coach, Kate Livingston, graciously created a series of helpful videos to support families in supporting their students. Check them out!

Ohio's Home Relief Grant

Eligible Ohioans can apply for assistance with rent, mortgage, and utilities back to April 1, 2020 and through December 30, 2020. Click the above button for more information.


  • Second Semester classes begin January 11, NOT January 6 as previously scheduled.

  • The building is closed until January. You can still contact the front desk at 614-262-1111 or at frontdesk@thegrahamschool.org if you have questions or need assistance.

  • STUDENT PROGRESS: Asynchronous (independent) assignments/homework are VITAL to both attendance and grades. If a student is failing a course they may be missing assignments.

  • ATTENDANCE REMINDER: While we are engaged in virtual learning, students must attend ALL virtual class meetings (synchronous) AND submit all ALL independent assigned work (asynchronous) by Friday at 3:30 p.m. in order to be counted as present. It is imperative that students engage in synchronous classes AND complete asynchronous work to avoid being considered truant. If your student is unable to log into class or complete asynchronous work on a given day due to illness or tech issues or you have questions about attendance, please 614-262-1111 or send an email to: frontdesk@thegrahamschool.org. Also CREW is a required course. Students must attend every synchronous Crew session and complete the asynchronous work.

  • GOGUARDIAN is a tool that TGS teachers and adminstrators are using to better support students in the virtual classroom. Click here to watch a video demo of GoGuardian Teacher.

  • EXTENSION LEARNING CENTERS: Do you lack high-speed internet? Do you need additional help with your work? Could you use a quiet work space, an extra meal from time to time, or emotional support during these trying times? Rock City Church is providing extension learning centers throughout the Columbus area. Click here for more information. Click here to find an e-learning center near you.

  • SCHOOLOGY occasionally experiences connections issues. We recommend the following:

    • frequently refreshing the Schoology website
    • emailing teachers to let them know that you or your student are unable to get in
    • monitoring the Schoology status page
    • checking school email for instructions from teachers.

US History Project

Students in Chandni's US History researched industrial innovations from the late 1800's, then created advertisement posters to explain the innovation and its impact on people and society. Check out the ad below for the electric washing machine!
Big picture

Attendance Codes in PowerSchool

Please be aware of the following PowerSchool attendance codes and their meanings:
  • TU (Tardy Unexcused): the total time missed from classes totals less than 3 hours
  • HU (Half Unexcused): the total time missed from classes totals approximately 3 hours
  • AU (Absent Unexcused): the total time missed from classes totals more than 4 hours

Additionally, Fridays in PowerSchool reflect the percentage of independent (asynchronous) work that was completed and submitted for the week.

Slater and Zurz Scholarship

The Slater and Zurz law firm is offering a $5000 scholarship to be awarded to a high school student in May 2021. Click the above link to learn more information and to apply!

BigSun Student Athlete Scholarship

The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to continue to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. They are offering an annual $500 scholarship to a deserving student athlete. Click the above link to learn how to apply!

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About Us

The School:

TGS is a public community secondary school with a charter granted by the State of Ohio. Open to Ohio students in grades 9-12, the school's main focus is experiential education in a small-school setting where all students are known by all staff members. The Graham School serves approximatly 250 students annually. Its demographic characteristics reflect those of urban Columbus and Central Ohio.


The Graham School (TGS) has a particular mission to urban students in Central Ohio preparing them for lifelong learning and informed citizenship through real-world experiences and rigorous academics. Fostering ownership and responsibility for their education prepares our students to be successful in college, the workplace, and other endeavors they undertake upon leaving Graham.

Vision Statement:

The Graham School’s vision is to be an innovative leader in the educational world by engaging students in authentic academic work, networking with community partners, and nurturing social emotional growth to empower future citizens and leaders.

Core Values:

  • We are committed to listening, learning, unlearning, and putting our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into action
  • We vow to stand together to embrace one another fully, empower students continuously, and pursue educational justice unapologetically
  • We are a safe, positive school climate
  • We solve problems together in a peaceful, restorative way
  • We reflect on our experiences in order to gain fresh perspective and inform future outcomes
  • We encourage a growth mindset for students and staff
  • We believe that learning is a priority and time spent in class and community is essential
  • We use these Habits of Learning as foundational principles --Adventure & Risk, Perseverance, Self-Direction, Service & Stewardship, and Teamwork & Collaboration
  • We believe that cultivating these habits has a profound impact on student achievement and the ability to thrive
  • We create belonging within our school and honor our connection to the world community
  • We are CREW, not passengers