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What does genre mean?

Genre is a style of music or literature or film.

For example in music there is classical, pop, rock, romantic

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What are the elements of gothic genre?

Gothic genre is easy to spot because there are certain spooky elements. Take a look at my Popplet below.
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What is a play?

This is how a Play Script, a Stage and Characters look like in Korea?

What are my thoughts so far about the setting, the characters, the plot of the play?

The setting will be dark, it will be raining and there will be thunder storms.

In a play there are characters. I think in this play we will meet a mad scientist, a monster and an Arctic explorer.

I think the play will be about a mad scientist who creates a monster.

Now let's meet the characters in Frankenstein!

Captain Walton- an Arctic explorer;though, bearded, wearing furs; a man who has been in many dangerous place and survived, but who has come across something now that shaken him to the depths.

Frankenstein- young and idealistic; a dreamer, full of strange ideas, who believes that his work will improve the world.

Clerval- the same age as Frankenstein; realistic and humorous, he is impressed by his friend's achievements but anxious about their effects.

Landlady- middle-aged, probably, but it doesn't matter.

Elizabeth- a year to two younger than Frankenstein; she is devoted to his father and to William, and she loves Frankenstein without understanding him.

The Monster- Hideous- he is made of corpses, after all; very strong and agile, and, although when he first comes to life he cannot move easily, it makes him much more impressive in the later Acts if he is graceful and powerful and does not lurch about clumsily; his voice should be impressive

Felix- young, quick-tempered, fiery; he and Agathe are political refugees.

Agathe- Blind, but she can move about the room as easily as a sighted person; she knows the room well, knows where everything is; it is when she first becomes aware that something is wrong that she begins to look vulnerable.

Ghost of William- Best played in a dead white mask, to give the effect of something or someone not quite alive.

The Monster's Bride- Hideous as the Monster is; when he first sees her; he is shocked

Servant- Male

Trailer of Frankenstein

Frankenstein (1931) Trailer


Captain Walton, who was sailing his ship in the Article Circle, sailed further North than anyone had ever gone before but the ship suddenly stopped, because of the ice that had closed the ship in. Strange things were happening. There was a weird sound, one voice like someone was crying in pain or anguish (Frankenstein), another voice was like a howling of revenge (the Monster).

Captain Walton can see thing too... they saw a sledge being pulled by a team of dogs and on the sledge there was a man who was huge and hideous (the Monster). Following the sledge there was a man who was crying in pain (Frankenstein). Frankenstein fell down, Captain Walton helped him to get up. The man told his name to Captain Walton and now we are ready to hear all about his story!

Act 1

What is Act 1 about?

It was a dark night. There was a window with a wire hanging out of it and a piece of cheese and bread on the table. Clerval and Frankenstein were conducting an experiment, and the landlady came in to see Frankenstein. Clerval tries to make jokes and Frankenstein is very excited. Elizabeth, his cousin came into the room and she was angry because she sent a letter to him about his sick father, but he didn't respond because of his new invention.

There was lightning in the sky.

Frankenstein and Clerval were talking about the invention.

And at night when the monster woke up everyone was very scared.

The Monster ran away.

Short video clip for act 1.

When the monster is alive, this was how Frankenstein react.
FRANKENSTEIN 1931 ( with a Soundtrack ! ) part 1.wmv
FRANKENSTEIN 1931 ( with a Soundtrack ! ) part 3.wmv

Act 2

What is Act 2 about?

The monster was running away. The people were screaming and the dogs were barking, and he saw a small cottage and he goes inside.

He saw a bread, cheese and a apple. He are the bread and cheese, and sniffed the apple, because it was all new for him, suddenly Agathe came in and she was shocked because the bread, cheese and the apple disappeared.

Soon she heard a sound, it was the sound of the monster. Agathe was very surprised and she notice that the monster had ate the bread , cheese and the apple. Agathe tried touch the monster's face. But the monster didn't want her to. Soon Felix came and saw a the monster, he was very scared so he tried to kill him. The monster was angry and he became mad, the monster became evil.

Act 3

What is act3 about?

Many years later

Monster kills Frankenstein's young brother.

First he saw a young charming boy, but when the monster tries to hug him, he said he will tell his brother Frankenstein. The monster became angry and he killed William.

Frankenstein and the monster talked about many things.

Importantly monster was angry and mad that how Frankenstein created him. He said he need someone to love him and he needs to get love. So the monster asked for a bride.

Frankenstein said wait for two years so that he can finish the creation. But whenever he comes early than two years.. Frankenstein said that he will destroy everything.

Act 4

What is act 4 about?

Clerval tries to kill the monsters bride before the monster comes. Elizebeth was guiding infromt of the door. When Clerval starts to raise his knife, the monster came in. Clerval kills the bride and the monster was shocked and he punished Clerval outside and he died. Frankenstein came in and he was furious. The bride was killed and also Clerval was killed too. Frankenstein was so mad at the monster and the monster killed Elizebeth which is Frankenstein's wife.


The Epilogue

After Captain Walton listened to Frankenstein's story, He placed Frankenstein in a room to rest. Captain Walton saw the monster on the window ledge. He was sad and he said 'it is over, it is the end'

Some questions

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My creation

My creations is a good character

It is called a 'helpy' She is 18 and she is made out of plastic and solar power.

This character helps other people when they are in trouble. Her key points of help are cooking, babysitting and cleaning

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What makes a real human being?

- Be able to put yourself in somebody else's shoes.

- They know what is good or bad.

- Have to have real emotions and feelings.

Who is evil in the play and who is good?

I think Frankenstein is evil in this play and the monster is good in this play. Because Frankenstein wanted to be god and he made a human being which he cannot do.

By the way the monster is innocent and he is just born like that, and he doesn't know what is going on. It is a totally new place for the monster but Frankenstein made an innocent monster a cruel monster. People were very scared of the monster because of how he looked. I think that you can't judge people by their looks.