All About ME

Grade 10 Careers "ME Project"

Who am I?

My name is Jash Mehta, I am a grade 10 student attending Louise Arbour Secondary School. I am a Scorpio and I was born on November 4th 2000 and am currently 15 years old. My favorite color is blue, I love playing games, and riding my bike in the summer with my friends. Some of my hobbies include swimming and learning about technology and space. In my free time I like watching TV and YouTube videos and playing video games. I am an only child and live with my my mom and my dad. When I grow up I want to pursue a career in business and would like to go the university of Shulich and get an MBA.

My Life Line

Below you can see 10 significant events that have taken place in my life. From the day I was born, to present day. Not all my events have been listed but these are what I feel the most important ones are.

First Device

I got my very first device on November 4th 2011 for my birthday. I got an iPod touch 4th generation, I went to the store and picked it up with my parents. When I got home I couldn't wait to open it up and power it on. I had never been more excited about something in my life. I remember staying up super late on the weekends just playing game

Some Things That I Like

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League of Legends

League of Legends is computer game played online by over 70 million people. I am one of those people. During any free time that I get I play this game for an hour or two, sometimes during the weekend i play for a long time. I usually play with my friends and think it is a great way to meet new people as well. This game usually takes away any stress that I have and I completely zone out the world around me.
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Favorite Type of Music

My favorite type of music is hip-hop and trap. I like these genres because I find them to have great instrumentals and listening to it is a nice way to wind down at the end of the day by laying down in bed and listening to music. My favorite songs in hip-hop right now are Hymn For the Weekend by Coldplay, and Work by Rihanna and Drake. My favorite trap songs are TRNDSTTR and Here (remix).
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Swimming is one of my favorite physical activities because I love being in water and it works out my entire body. I have been enrolled in swimming lessons for as long as I can remember and I am currently in the level Bronze Cross which is one level before National Lifesaving Society which teaches me different types of first aid. In fact, in just 1 week from now I will be certified in CPR and first aid treatment. Also, I want to get a part time job as a swimming instructor or a lifeguard because this is something I enjoy

Leadership by Persuasion

I am a persuasive leader, this means that i...
  • Encourage the participation of everyone involved
  • Include group in all decisions
  • Utilize each members expertise in order to maximize individual contributions
  • Make the final decision in the end


People who have the strongest influence are my friends, they always encourage me to become the best I can be and are constantly telling me to stop being lazy, to be honest I feel like I wouldn't be where I am without my friends. My best friends are Mohak, Armaan, Ibby, and Gunreet. Other influences in my life are my parents, they are always there when I need them
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Role Model

My role model is Casey Neistat. Casey Neistat is a filmmaker and daily vlogger on YouTube and he currently has over 2 million subscribers. I recently started watching his daily vlogs online in which he talks about his daily life, including work. He lives by a saying that goes : Life is like going the wrong way on a moving sidewalk, walk, and you stay put. Stand still, and you go backwards. To get ahead, you have to hustle. Casey put out a video a while back in which he explains his daily routine which consists of a 2-3 hour run in the morning, work, and time with family. He has no free time because he very strongly believes that you should always be working and bettering your self. This is why he is a role model to me, because he is extremely hard working and very, very inspiring.

Family Symbols

My Blueprint Test Results


Personality - ESFP

Interests - THE VISIONARY (EA)

Knowledge - COMPUTERS


Occupations - Network and Computer Systems Administrator, Information Security Specialist, and Home Appliance Repairer

True Colors - Orange

Right or Left Brain - Right

Holland - Organizer


The most accurate and helpful tests were the myBlueprint tests. Since I already knew what my interests were going into the test I was curious to see what these online tests would find out about be. I was skeptical at first and thought this cant be accurate when I looked at the questions, but as I completed all the tests and saw my career recommendations, I was surprised at the accuracy it had. Although it wasn't completely accurate based on what I wanted to become, it was close enough as they all revolved around business and computers which is what I am interested in.

In my opinion I think the least accurate test was the right or left brained test because the results were so close that the test gave me no new information. The results i got pointed towards right brained dominant by only 0.8% which is pretty much nothing. That meant that I was both creative and logical equally which i think is not very accurate. Although i think i am a creative person i do not think i am equally creative as i am logical, i believe i am more logical than creative by a little bit, but not 0.8% close.

My 4 strengths are that I am responsible, organized, a quick learner, and independent. I am responsible because I always complete homework and assignments on time and always have a schedule on when I will do certain things. This also makes me organized, i organize my day according to the work needed to be completed, also my notes for school and my desk at home is very organized so i can find something quickly when i need it. I am a quick learner because i learn the material taught in class quickly and understand the concepts being taught quicker than my peers which gives a bit of a head start. Finally, i am independent because when i am assigned work i always complete my work independently and get a lot of it done as i am not socializing during class and wasting time.

My 4 weaknesses are that i am a procrastinator, impatient, over-talkative, and lazy. I procrastinate a lot when doing my homework because i get distracted very easily by the smallest things which makes it take a lot longer to do my work. I also get very impatient when i work in a group and people take a long time to do things. I am also over-talkative because i get easily distracted by others and others easily distract me. Finally, i am also very lazy when it comes to starting work, or sometimes just waking up in the morning.