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Weekly newsletter for staff 18th October 2019

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • Hinduism Week - This week is Hinduism week. You might like to bring some aspect of the Hindu religion into either collective worship, RE or a one off stand alone lesson.
  • KS Action Plans - need to be completed by Donna's visit on 22nd October please, Subject action plans by w/c 11th November. Subject action plans and reports for the end of last school year should be placed in the file on the google drive. There are still a lot of subject reports missing that were asked to be completed by September.
  • Performance Management - I will be arranging appointments for all teachers before half term, tomorrow (Monday) if I can. Please ensure that you have your evidence file up to date.
  • Abbie Clark - Abbie will be returning tomorrow to work with Grace but she will need to be fully trained and there will need to be a period of hand-over. Once this has happened, Satu will be moving to work with Zion in EYFS and Lydia will be moving to work with Liam. All 3 will be trained to support Grace so that there is some back-up in the event of absence.
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Diary Dates Next Week

Monday 21st - Hinduism Week

  • 08:00 KW meeting MB (SHPS)
  • AM Performance Management - SH cover
  • 09:30 Jayne Ball to see MM (Willow)
  • 09:30 Show rounds for maternity Cover
  • 10:15 Scott Donachie to see KW/EB
  • 13:00 Rebecca Evans HR to see BH re SCR check
  • 15:15 Parent to see KF (MCW)
  • 16:30 Zumba

Tuesday 22nd -

  • 09:00 KW @ Monk Fryston MAT Church Schools group
  • 09:30 Sports Assembly GM
  • 12:00 Donna Kettle to see KW
  • 17:30 MAT Trust Board meeting

Wednesday 23rd -

  • Super teams day
  • 09:00 Tracy Ashton to see OD (Birch)
  • 10:30 Jackie RCCN to see KW/JMcK
  • 12:00 Melissa Boyes CFO to see KW/ JMcK
  • 15:30 - 18:00 Parents Evening

Thursday 24th -

  • EB out am, SH cover
  • 09:15 Tracy Ashton to see AG (Birch)
  • 09:30 Courtnay Dance Assembly
  • 13:00 Amy out EYFS moderation & network (Athelstan) - cover reqd.
  • 15:30 - 18:00 Parents Evening

Friday 25th -

  • Training Day - PE
  • 09:00 Maternity cover show round KW
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Thank you and Well done.....

Thank you for everyone who has helped cover lunches. It's been tricky but everyone has pitched in.

Thanks to Catherine for leading the RE meeting at short notice.

Thanks to all staff who have given up their own time to go on the residentials.

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to: