Living at Neptune

By: Abelaash Giritharan

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Background Information on Neptune

The background on Neptune contains the eighth planet of our solar system. In the astronomy it contains the god of the sea called Poseidon. In Neptune has six rings and 13 moons. The Notification is good place to live because they can wear a spacesuit and wear a protective spacesuit to walk on gas.
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Something To Bring With On Neptune

When I were going to Neptune I need to bring

- Oxygen

- Food and water

- spacesuit ( walking on gas)

- space station

Temperature Range

The Temperature range on Neptune is very cold that the surface has no atmosphere. If people were living on Neptune they need to wear spacesuits every time. The notification from the planet Neptune is made of gas.
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Gravity/Atmospheric pressure

When I was going to Neptune the atmosphere on that planet has gases called hydrogen and helium.

Surface( Rocky or Gas)

The surface of Neptune will be Gas because the planet of Neptune is a gas giant.
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Amount of Light on Neptune

There's no amount of light on Neptune because it is far away from the sun.

Length of day

The length of day of Neptune is 0d 16h 6m.
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Length of year

The length of year on Neptune is 165 year because its orbits very slow.
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The atmosphere in Neptune is mostly hydrated by hydrogen and helium with the trace of methane.
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Available Resources

The available resources in Neptune is higher concentration of methane gas. Neptune's atmosphere is like the planets of Jupiter and Saturn. That planet contains Hydrogen and Helium along with the trace of hydrocarbons and nitrogen. It contains a higher of ammonia and methane.
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