Nutrition: Eating Right

By Ellie Reznicek


Staying healthy and eating right is really important for your health! There are many ways you can stay healthy by eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables instead of eating junk food. During this presentation, you will learn many foods that you should eat, many foods you should not eat, and many other ways to help you eat right.

What and what not to eat

Below is a list of some of the healthy foods that are nutritious to your health, and that give you lots of vitamins.








-Many more!

Below is a list of foods that are not good for you in lots of ways, and could affect your health.

-Candy (especially candy)


-Deep fried foods

-Frozen entrees

-Chef Boyardee beef ravioli (Whaa! That's my favorite!)


-Chips (Doritos, Cheetohs, Potato chips, etc.)

And many, many more.

Eating habits

There can be different types of eating habits, such as good eating habits and bad eating habits. Here, you will learn different ways to improve your eating habits, and ways to get rid of your old ones. Bad eating habits can lead to weight gain and obesity. If you change those habits, you could improve you lifestyle in the way you eat.

Bad eating habits wood include...

-Eating too fast.

-Cleaning your plate every single time you eat a meal.

-Eating while standing up (this may lead to eating

mindlessly or too quickly).

-Always eating dessert.

-Skipping meals (or just breakfast).

Ways to improve these bad habits are...

-Eating more slowly, and thinking more about if your hunger is satisfied instead of cleaning your plate.

-Eating only when you are truly hungry instead of when you are feeling any emotion besides hunger.

-Plan meals ahead of time to ensure that you are eating a healthy well-balanced meal.

The Food Pyramid and Portions

The Food Pyramid is an example of how many of the types of foods you should eat each day. Portions are also involved in this, because it's important to know how much your eating, and how much you eat per day.

Big image


Many beverages are sugary and un-healthy, but many are necessary to live, like water. Some can make you strong and make your bones grow, like milk. Below are pictures of 3 drinks. Some of them are healthy, and some are not. All pictures will give descriptions on what makes them healthy or un-healthy. These will help you to compare the differences on what you should drink, and what you should not drink.


I hope you learned something from my presentation! Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy healthy eating!