can ruin your life

How to prevent yourself from fraud

There are multiple ways someone can take your identity. And there are also many ways you can protect yourself from these ways. For online, do not open or respond to unknown emails, and do not give out your personal information.

Shred your papers

When not online, shred all the mail/important papers before throwing them away, because people can go through your trash and steal your information. Shredders are pretty cheap, so make use of that and get one. One thing to especially shred or tear up is credit cards that companies send you in the mail. People can take those and use them without your consent.

PIN Numbers

Use very difficult PIN numbers. Don't use easy numbers like your birthyear, or the last 4 digits on your credit card.

Social Networking

Don't leave your account signed in, because people could gain control of that account, and find out your address, phone number, and other important things.

Social Security Cards

Never carry these around, because if you drop it on accident, or lose it somehow, someone could literally steal your entire identity, and turn into you.

Anti-Virus software

Download anti-malware and anti-virus software to protect your information. But be sure not to download the "free virus protection", because some those can actually be viruses in disguise.


Delete any strange or phishy emails, as these can be worms that can infect your whole computer, and steal any or all information it wants.