No. 2

Remember Your "Why"

Becoming a Thirty-One consultant is an incredible opportunity to reach whatever goals you set. It should make your life better, not hinder it. Remember WHY you signed up and organize your calendar based on that.

With a highlighter, mark in GREEN (money) the days you can host parties, use RED (heart) for family time, and BLUE for team training/conference calls you want to attend.

Start off with a Bang!

Hosting your own party is a great way to roll your business out and earn hostess benefits to add to your kit! You will be the hostess so you will be able to take advantage of our hostess rewards program.

Send out a "Welcome to my Business" email or flyer to friends and family. Let them know you are starting something BIG and you want them to be a part of it! They will help you if you ask!

Think of 5 & 62!

Think of 5 people you know would be willing to host a party for you. Get yourself excited, remember your "WHY", and CALL THEM!

"Do you have a minute? I am really excited to let you know that I am starting my own Thirty-One business. This will help me insert your "WHY" here and I am contacting my nearest and dearest friends and family to help me launch my new business. Can I count on your support in hosting a party for me? I will help you with all of the preparation and you will enjoy all of the FREE and 1/2 price products as the hostess."

Create your list of 62 (found on the bottom of the Toolbox section of TOT). We know more people than we realize. Utilize F.R.A.N.K to create a list of potential Customers, Hostesses or even Consultants! This list will grow and change, and will continue to be a resource you go back to again and again.





Kids Associations

(schools, sports teams, teachers, parents of friends)

We all start with a Kit and a Dream. It is up to you what you want to do with it!