Chicago winters can be tough.

But you're tougher (or else you would have already moved).

But sometimes, those darn daughters (with their highly contagious cabin fever), can push even the most saintly of mothers to the limit. You know the teen routine. "I'm bored." "There's nothing to do." And worst of all: deadly silence. (When yet another teen is mesmerized by an electronic screen.)
To keep the fiber of family life from fraying beyond repair, women all over the western suburbs take things into their own hands. Heroic mamas maneuver their mini-vans through white-out conditions, just to get offspring to school, to a friend's house, to the mall, to anywhere that isn't YOUR house. After all, a woman can only take so much bickering, squabbling, moaning, and sighing!


It's time to take back control.

How would you feel if your 5th grade or junior high daughter could have some winter adventure (indoors, of course) that doesn't involve staring at videos or snapping selfies? What if she could actually do something productive and positive with some of her free time? How about if she could be engaged in learning life skills (like how to confidently make new friends, getting great personal care tips & experimenting with food...without any messy cleanup)?

Well, Now She Can!

Camp Pretty & Poised starts in 10-12 days!

Friday girls start on February 12th. Sunday girls start on February 14th.

You realize what this means, right?!?

You WIN! You daughter WINS!


Your daughter can have a weekly time of adventure, fun, and friendship. She'll be able to experience activities and adventure normally reserved for lazy, summer days. Plus she can be part of a photo shoot with professionals. (Not something even a great summer camp has!)

And YOU get a quiet, peaceful home for a couple hours each week. You have a daughter eagerly looking forward to her camp day each week. Maybe you'll even get the "Mom of the Year" award! (It's happened.)

(Please be forewarned. We cannot be held responsible for the inevitable "How many more days until I get to go back to Camp???" or "Why can't Camp be every day?")

Camp Pretty & Poised really is like summer the middle of winter.

Watch your email.

More details and registration are coming in the next couple days. Make sure you don't miss out. Registration will be strictly limited to 20 girls in each session. Give your daughter an amazing gift: Camp Pretty & Poised.