WSHS Senior Notes

December 2021

Happy December Seniors!!

Well, can you believe that your fall semester is almost finished?? Just one more semester and you will be graduating! It's exciting, and kind of scary, at the same time! For those of you who have finished your college applications, Residency Determination, and your FAFSA, Congratulations!!!

For those of you who still may need help, please let Ms. Britt or myself know - we are here to help you navigate through your college applications and such!

Remember to look for Scholarships!!

Remember to look at the National, State, and Local Scholarship Databases for scholarship opportunities! In the State database, there are links that take you directly to the scholarship/financial aid pages of all the public universities, and some of our private universities. Most colleges/universities have scholarship portals within their websites that give detailed information about how to apply for the opportunities that they have on their particular campuses.

When more local scholarships come in, we will be adding those as well. Scholarship opportunities have deadlines, so be sure you stay on top of those! If you need transcripts at attach to your scholarship applications, please ask your counselor to assist you!

Click here for access to the Scholarship Databases!

Spring Schedule Changes

Just a word about changing your schedule in the spring! Most colleges/universities will have you fill out a form and justify why you are changing your schedule; in particular, if you drop something and are not replacing it with the same level of rigor. So, if at all possible, you should keep the same schedule that you have now - the one that your schools are looking at in order to give you an acceptance letter in the spring! If there are extenuating circumstances, we will be happy to help you!

Career and College Promise Classes - CCP

If you want to add a college class to the spring - please see your counselor. Time is running out to add one onto your spring schedule! If you have already registered for one and have taken a class in the past, then you are good to go! If you have never taken a CCP class before, please be sure that you have filled out the CCP application at Stanly Community College. Mr. Steve Cumming is our SCC liaison for the Career and College Promise program, and he is here at WSHS every Tuesday. He would be happy to speak with you if needed. Please contact your counselor if you are unsure or have any questions!!


Are you playing or wish to play a sport in a Division 1 or 2 college/university? By now you should have registered with the NCAA. See your counselor with any questions, or where to go to do this!

Cap and Gown Information

If you haven't ordered your cap and gown yet, what are you waiting for???

Click here for the Josten's website

Click on Find My School

Click on Graduation

Click on Caps and Gowns

Click on Order Now

Search for West Stanly High School

All the available packages will be there after you choose West Stanly!

If the cost of the cap and gown is the reason you haven't ordered one - please let your counselor know. We will help you!

Finish Strong!! You've Got This

We all know how challenging this school year has been dealing with Covid 19 and the adjustment to returning back to school. Just remember - this too shall pass - and you will look back and realize everything that you managed to accomplish during this time! All your teachers - all the staff- at West Stanly High School have been here to assist you and help you navigate your way through this. We support you - we care about you- and we are still here to help every step of the way. Ms Britt and I are here in any capacity - either through phone calls, Google Meets, emails, or in person - to help you with anything that you might need. No request is too small - we are here for you academically, for career information, and for mental health needs. Contact us anytime!

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