Middle School Life -.-

Selah Garcia


have you ever wonder what it is like to go back to middle school ? well if not, I can tell you ?

- Drama

- Relastionship's

- Grade Trouble

Drama ~

As a middle schooler there is so much drama, everyday you hear something New he or she said this about you. You would never know what to believe, there will be drama in your life everyday . You will hear this in the hall ways, classroom, Lunch you will have your up's and down's middle school can be very diffcult, but then there is so many new things to learn in moiddle school as well .


Students now a day's are in a "relastionship" but in relastionship's thereu not that good to worry about school is more important out of life .You will hear " he is with her" or " she is with him " you will hear it all day through out school . some of the girl's in middle school have there little break down's whenever a boy break's there little heart. there is alot of fight's in middle school just because of relastionship's, Relastionship's can cause so much drama . !

Grade Trouble

There is alot of bad grades for students now , why ? because the student's don't do there work now a day's in class and if they don't they will have to take it home for homework. The teacher's are offering to help you pick up your grade's with after school tutoring, extra work just to help you with out falling. some teacher's might call you'r home just to keep in check with you'r partent's so they know that you are falling but they will be helping you picking up you'r grade's so you can be passing to the next grade .


In conclusion, the life in middle school can be very stress fuel its hard for many kids. There is a lot of drama middle school can be fun but then very difficult at the same time . at the end you wonder " what is high school can be like , when you leave middle school