Panda PAWS 2.2

October 4-8, 2021

Important Events for the Week:

October 4:
  • Model PLC Mondays :)
  • BOY PK 4 CIRCLE Testing

October 5:
  • BOY PK 4 CIRCLE Testing

October 6:
  • Well-deserved Wednesdays :)
  • Shel'si Weaver (Diagnostician) on campus.
  • BOY PK 4 CIRCLE Testing
  • 8:00-10:00 Arlington ISD Team visiting classrooms
  • 1:00 ECSE & PK 4 Collaboration Meeting
  • #EveryPandaEveryDay prizes go home with students!

October 7:
  • Teacher PD Day (see schedule below)
  • 11:00 Come & Go Shower for Ms. Wehr in cafe
  • No School for students
  • Jeans for Staff

October 8:
  • Parent Conference Day
  • No School for students
  • Spirit Day for Staff
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Optional Instructional Technology Training for Thursday, October 7.

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Carey's CT Schedule for the Week:

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PK 4 CIRCLE Testing Reminders from Mrs. McKee:

Just a reminder that the window opened September 27 and ends on October 8. I know that October 7 and 8 are PD and Parent Conference Days. We have been granted an extension until October 14, but please try to test all students before the 7th so that you may share the results and the reports with parents during your conference. The extension is mostly be used to test students who were absent during the window of testing.

Principals, please make sure that the teachers do not have interruptions during this window and that if an aide is out, that you help find coverage during the times that the teachers are testing. Aides should rarely be pulled, but especially not during the testing window.

You will need to test all students in all tests below, as the BOY and EOY scores are sent to TEA.

§ Rapid Letter Naming

§ Rapid Vocabulary

· Link to Score Sheets for Vocabulary

§ Phonological Awareness (4 Sections / 3 Sections for Spanish - no onset-rime)

§ Early Writing (10 Question Checklist)

§ Math (7 Sections)

§ Social-Emotional Behaviors (25 Question Checklist)

· Checklists

Below is the information that I sent in an email on September 17. If you have not read this email, please do so before testing. There is a new way to launch the test. Please click here for directions.

The Circle Assessment window opens on September 27. Below is a recording of the training. For those who attended on Thursday, this is a new recording with instructions on how to launch the assessment for each students. I have also shared the presentation slides and the Circle one pager.

  • If you are a new teacher, you MUST watch the recording and complete the videos in CLI Engage.
  • If you are a returning teacher, please check your roster and review how to launch the student assessments (see the one pager or the slide show for the link).
  • If you have students who need to be added or removed, please complete this form. Please do not email me the names.

Recording of the Training:

Passcode: z5W#N7Bz

Presentation Slides

BOY Circle One Pager

Ashley Boysen's schedule for the Week:

Monday: Kinkeade

Tuesday: Pierce/Kinkeade

Wednesday: Pierce

Thursday: TBD

Friday: Clifton

Calhoun's Comments

October is AAC Awareness Month!

Did you know every time you send a text, you are using AAC? ALL of us use AAC some of the time, and some of our students use AAC all of the time.

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Irving Schools Foundation Fundraiser Info:

Yumeeka Jenkins (rm106) is this year’s Irving Schools Foundation Fundraising Coordinator!

I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I will be collecting donations as we work towards meeting and beating our goal! Let’s go Pandas!

Please stop by rm 106 with your donation forms completed.

It’s that time of year again!

A time of giving!

It is Irving Schools Foundation Fundraising Event!

September 24-October 14!

How can we give?

Donations forms are in your mailbox

What’s our goal?

Pierce 2020-2021: Pierce Goal 2021-2022:

Total Raised: $1806 Goal: $2000

What do we get for giving?

  1. Feeling of joy and happiness
  2. Every person who gives $10 or more will get to wear jeans WITH A PIERCE SHIRT for the remainder of the fall semester on Thursdays after the fundraiser ends. Woot Woot!!!!
  3. The first department/POD to all be givers receives a prize.
  4. The highest weekly giver receives a prize.

What happens if we run out of prizes?

Refer to #1. We can never run out of that!

Come on Panda’s Let’s start giving! #EVERYPANDAEVERYDAY

Who knows, it might be time for a Panda to get a scholarship!

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Shout Outs!

From Zandra Alonso:

Shout out to our wonderful custodians, Lupita & Stacy!

Shout out to the front office for always working together!

From Jackie Knutson:

Whitney McKimmey for helping me write my goals for a new student.

Ms. Brooke for being a rock in room 111 and keeping our kids engaged and learning every day.

Ms. Gloria for helping Brooke in room 111 when I had to go to a meeting. It was like old times with your team mate!

Ms. Gonzales for being a great facilitator at the Solution Tree Conference.

From Yumeeka Jenkins:

Thank you to Mr. Tony and Ms. Olea for all your support! It has been a hectic week and you guys have been soldiers.

Thank you, Ms. Dickson and Mrs. Gonzales, for being my mentors during this internship.

Shout out to Mrs. Li, Mrs. Chavira, Mrs. McKimmey, Mrs. Pence, Mrs. Reeder, Mrs. Fierro for trusting their little ones with me during the photoshoot.


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