The Mongols

Genghis Khan and His Sons and their achievements

The Mongols: Genghis Khan and Sons

Genghis Khan was one of the most feared and one of the most powerful military leaders.

He is responsible of 40 Million People and 1/3 of the World's Population was killed off by Genghis Khan.

His sons Ogedei, Chagatai, Tolui, and Jochi

Ogedei controlled most of Eastern Asia including China, Chagatai took over Northern Iran and Central Asia, and Tolui was given a small territory near the Mongol Homeland.

Jochi was Killed before Genghis Khan died. His son Batu took control of modern Russia and formed the Golden Horde.

The Deline of the Mongols

They intermarried into different people, they accepted their native customs and they were in battle a lot. Territories were destroyed and taken over.

Religion and Government in the Mongol Kingdom

Buddhism and Daoism are the same because they heavily influenced the mongols with the philosophy Buddhism and Daoism.

Neo-Confucianism is the teaching that the material world was an illusion and the Neo- Confucians believed that Family was their center of importance and to forget the material things of the world.

The Mongols but their religious beliefs in the center of their Government

The Golden Age during in the Mongolian Dynasty

Porcelain- it is white vitrified translucent ceramic; china

Genghis Khan gathered architects from the middle east and other ceramic, tile, and other art workers to create his great art works of the Mongolian Empire. The Porcelain was used in the theatre during plays.

The Golden Age during the Mongolian Dynasty

Mongolian poetry was used in song and they would create these long and drawn out songs.

A day in Genghis's Army

A day in Genghis Khan's army was that all of his soldiers were to be masters of Horseback, archery, and sword fighting. The women took care of the Children. The younger children gathered up ox dung to make fuel which was the prime source of fuel. The women also killed the wounded enemy soldiers.