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December 18, 2014

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Happy Hanukkah Everyone!!

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What Our Users Are Saying About Our Apps

"I believe this app has started me on a new life track. At 51 I've never enjoyed running until now. I'm beginning my week 7 regiment (again) as last week was a partial fail. No worries. Lots more weeks left in life!!"

- John C. Gray (5K Runner, Facebook)

"Just wanted to say thanks for creating such a great app - was diagnosed with breast cancer at the grand old age of 44 last November. After surgery,chemo and radiotherapy was looking at starting to try and get fit again so started this beginning of August and did the last one yesterday. Took my time as still receiving treatment by way of herceptin injection. Still can't quite believe it as the last time I ran was over 30 years ago at school when I was forced to do cross country. Have now downloaded your run 5k faster!"

- Yvonne Clarke (5K Runner, Facebook)

"This app is amazing. I can be wide awake and stressed out after a long day at work and as soon as I turn this app on my brain relaxes and within minutes I'm falling asleep! Couldn't imagine life without sleep pillow now! Thank you! I've told many friends about this app and they too are sleeping better!"

- Bkumza (Sleep Pillow, App Store)

"So this group has done a lot of exercise related apps and they are awesome! I have the 5k, 10k, squat and abs apps. The thing I love about this group is that they don't set u up for failure! They ease u into the routine and, if u need to, u can repeat days/weeks. I can't say enough about how great they are!"

- Guffghhgghhgg (Squats, App Store)

"Going for day 3 of 5 k program today!! Your app is awesome and easy to follow!! Thank you!!!"

-Lee Sediel (Facebook)

"I went from doing 5 push-ups with trembling arms to an easy 25 before starting to get tired. I still have a ways to go, but this app is helping me build the strength I need to succeed."

- Dani August (Pushups, App Store)

"Today is the first time I hit 5K solid running on the treadmill… So proud right now. Love your app!"

- Theresa Oakley (5K Runner, Facebook)

Trivia: How many working lightbulbs are there in the office? (No counting!)

Best guess wins a special gift!

One of Our 5K Runner Users Rob Quinn:

"Dear Clearsky. You are amazing. I just surpassed the 75 pound mark in just under a year. One hour ago I completed Week 6 Day 6 of 21k Runner. I completed 9.91 miles and hit 76 pounds of weight loss since December 18, 2013. I didn't start using the apps until mid January. The picture with the white shirt is from December 13, 2013. The other is from December 12, 2014. Thank you thank you!!"
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Throw Back Thursday...

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