8th Grade Science

Mr. Moore's List of Collaboration Tools


VoiceThread is a great tool for allowing students to input voice-over visual presentations. It is an excellent way to get students more involved in collaborative projects. When viewing a visual presentation, the students will be able to add audio information in the left and right hand areas of the page. In doing so, this enriches the learning process. We will be using this tool to create class presentations over the science concepts that we are covering.


Prezi is a presentations tool which allows for a greater enriched learning environment when presenting content rich information. Traditional tools such as PowerPoint are used but they are in the form of frames which transition slide to slide. Prezi, however, uses zooming and panning across the screen in order to transition between areas of information. Within our science class, we will be using this to show all stages of transitions in the science related realm.


Edmodo is a social media networking tool that is controlled by the teacher. Within the network capabilities of this tool, the teacher has the ability to leave presentations as well as a gradebook entry. The teacher also has the ability to interact with students directly from the site or through their smartphones. I like the idea of using this tool because it give me the ability to interact with parents pertaining to issues of the class and their children.