Technology at Lineville

Xavier Rutherford

Typing Web

1. You can increase your typing speed and Typing Web is fun for all ages.

2.Typing web can help you learn to type if you don't know how.

3.Typing web has fun games to play and to have fun typing at home or at school.


1.You can make your own movie trailer that is family friendly.

2.You can make a trailer about yourself or your family.

3.iTrailer is fun just to mess around on.

Career locker

1.You can find a job that you may or may not want.

2.There are a lot of jobs to take a look at.

3.You can chose a job that you want to look more deep into.

Haiku Deck

1.You can make a presentation about yourself or your family.

2.Its fun to use and you can make a lot of fun things.

3.Haiku Deck is fun for all ages 7 and up.

Hour of Code

1.Hour of code has fun games to play at School or at home.

2.You can code your own flappy bird game.

3.there is a lot of fun games to play on Hour of Code like Code Combat.

Email Etiquette

1.Email Etiquette teaches you how to write an email. have to write an email using Email Etiquette.

3.After you finish the teacher looks at your email and gives you your grade in power school.