The Stinger

September 24, 2020


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  • Next Week’s Rehearsals
  • Band Glossary
  • Volunteer Update
  • Spirit Wear Feedback
  • Band Directory

Classroom Updates

*****Etudes are due this Friday for all wind students (brass and woodwinds).*****

*****Solos are due 10/2 for all wind students (brass and woodwinds).*****


Tuesday, 9/29 Concert Band’s Percussion 6:00-7:00 PM @ Band Parking Lot

Tuesday, 9/29 Symphonic Band’s Percussion 7:00-8:00 PM @ Band Parking Lot

Wednesday, 9/30 Pep Band Rehearsal 6:00-7:30 PM @ Band Parking Lot

Thursday, 10/1 Concert Band’s Percussion 6:00-7:00 PM @ Band Parking Lot

Thursday, 10/1 Wind Ensemble’s Percussion 7:00-8:00 PM @ Band Parking Lot

October rehearsals:

Percussion Rehearsals will remain the same as above (Tuesdays, Thursdays)
Pep Band rehearsals are every Wednesday until Thanksgiving.


Now that you’ve been on board with Roswell Band for just over a month, we thought it might be helpful to review some commonly used terms!

Our classroom bands focus on concert band literature during the school day. Students are placed into one of three band classes that meet daily as part of the six-period academic schedule. How we refer to our BANDS is different than the class names listed on your student’s schedule!

Concert Band

Most freshmen are placed in this band; it shows up as “Intermediate Band I, II, or III”

Symphonic Band

Our more advanced players are here; the class appears as “Advanced Band I, II III or IV”

Wind Ensemble

This is our top class; it is listed as “Mastery Band I, II, III or IV”

Percussion Ensemble

Freshmen and new band students who play percussion instruments are placed in the Percussion class. This is listed as “Percussion I or II”

If/when we have concerts again, these students will perform with the Concert Band listed above. The remaining percussion students are placed in Symphonic Band and the Wind Ensemble.

Full Ensemble

This generally is used to mean “the whole band” as opposed to a section. In practice sessions, the marching band or pep band often splits up into different sections. If the “full ensemble” is meeting at a certain time that means everyone should be there.

Pep Band

This extracurricular band learns music specific to performances at football games. Students must be enrolled in a classroom band to participate in Pep Band. It includes a WIND section (brass and woodwinds), a COLOR GUARD section, and a PERCUSSION section (drumline and front ensemble).

Check out our Band Handbook and Volunteer Handbook for more information.


Our 2021 Marching Band seniors were celebrated at our first home game on Friday! The evening began with a picnic that included pizza from Johnny’s and custom designed cookies. Then they were recognized by walking on the field during half time with their loved ones. We love our 2021 Roswell Band seniors! Pictures from the evening can be viewed at


We appreciate all the support from everyone on Friday night at the first football game! We will be posting sign-ups for chaperones and photographers this week! Look on Charms at 6:00 PM on Friday, 9/25. For now, we ask that only one person per family signs up for one slot for the season. This will allow other families the opportunity to volunteer. All chaperones and photographers need to be available at 6:00 PM of game night and must stay for the entire game until all students are gone. Jane Sowden will be at each game at 6:00 PM to review chaperone responsibilities and discuss any procedure changes due to COVID-19.

Since the pep band has moved onto the track, plan to bring your own chair. Please contact Jane Sowden, VP Support Services with any questions at


We would love to get your feedback on some of our new designs. There are shirts, hats, jackets and pants to view. Take a look and let us know what you like!

Click on the NEXT button after opening the link:

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The RHS Band directory has been updated for the 2020/2021 school year! The intent of the band directory is to help our band community establish easy ways to communicate and get to know each other. It is extremely useful at football games, competitions, and other band events to help volunteers and staff quickly locate student and/or parent information in the event of an urgent situation or if parental consent is needed.

The directory contains student and parent contact information, instruments, and a student photo. It was developed in DirectorySpot and populated with information from Charms, which means some information may be missing or incorrect. In particular, we may not have a good photo for your student, especially freshmen. If your student does not have a photo in the directory, or you would like to update the current one, you can email one to

Access to the directory is provided to all email addresses listed within the band family contacts. You'll be able to access it via web browser and a mobile app. If you had access to the directory last year, use the same login information to access it. If you are a new band family, you should have received an invitation email on Sunday, September 20th. The email has a subject similar to "Roswell High School Band - DirectorySpot Account" and you just follow the instructions to set your password and access the directory.

Need to reset your password? Go to and select "Reset Password." Questions, need to update some info, or want to opt-out of the directory? Email