Preparing for a Virtual Summer

Easing the Transition Into Online Summer Camps

Virtual Summer Camp Options

Like many schools and organizations, TechTerra has transitioned all of our in person summer camps to online. We're working with many organizations and schools to bring the TechTerra quality summer curriculum and instruction to even more homes.

The best part about virtual summer camps? They're virtual! You do not have to be a part of any specific school or organization to join. We have endless themes and grades available, running all summer long. Check out the information below.

Summer Camp 2020 Options

Tips for Helping Campers Engage

1) Encouragement is key

Summer camp this year is probably not going to be what what your children had in mind so acting as a cheerleader for virtual camp is possibly the most important role parent or guardian can play

2) Take breaks

Make sure your campers eat a snack, get a little gross body movement (how many jumping jacks can you do in a minute?), or simply walk away from the computer for a moment. Just like adults, children need breaks during the day to reset and refocus.

3) Understand and teach the platform

It's frustrating enough sometimes for campers to learn new things, so removing as many roadblocks as possible is vital. Take a few minutes to understand the platform so if your child has issues connecting you can lend a helping hand.

4) Limit class/camp time

Extra screen time is inevitable during this pandemic, but it's important to limit virtual learning time . We know it's not healthy for children to focus their attention one one thing for hours on end, nor is it healthy for their development. Keeping formal camp time limited to less than four hours a day lets students get the most out of learning.

Techterra Education Online STEM Academy

Looking for more flexible options?

Techterra Education has created a STEM Academy for students in kindergarten through eighth grade - an online destination filled with engaging programs for kids, all led by live instructors.

What does the academy offer?

  • Education at home during or after a traditional school day
  • Engaging and educational content
  • Additional self-paced assignments throughout the week
  • Lessons in coding, digital storytelling, 3D engineering & design, augmented reality exploration, and more
  • Parent resources
  • 12 Week Programs