Sexy Lady Spies

These Seductive Cougars

Seductive Spy Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman was very sneaky. As a sleeper agent she lived inconspicuously among us, exemplifying the weakness of our society. She also had to fool us into thinking that she was American while speaking in a heavily accented English. She was very loyal and when caught by the F.B.I she didn't tell them information and she was deported back to Russia. She was seductive in that she used her good looks to get what she wanted. Before being deported she even tried to seduce a member of Obama's cabinet. I rate her the number 1 spy in that she lived among us without us knowing and her amazing looks dont hurt.

Noor Inayat Kahn

Noor was a very courageous spy. She knew she had a life expectancy of only six weeks but still accepted the job. Also while getting beat she didnt cry, say a single word to betray her country, all she said was liberty. She was known as a passivist because as a spy she wouldnt use a gun witch was very dangerous. She becvame a spy out of an inversioin to facism and dictatorial rule. She was very smart because she learned fluent french and studied both music and medicine. I rank her number 2 becausehow smart and tough she is.

Virginia Hill

As a very brave spy Virginia put herself in harms way during WW2. She aided in sabotage missions near the end of the war. She was also very smart and attended the prestigious Radclifffe College and the Barnard College. Another thing that makes her so smart is that she travelled the continent and studied in France, Germany, and Austria finally landing an appointment as consular service clerk at the American Embassy. She was very loyal and stuck with the C.I.A for 15 years. I rate her number 3 because of her service for the military.

Nancy Wake

Nancy was a very skilled spy who was one of the most decorated service women of war. She was referred to as having the ability to elude capture and was called the White Mouse. She was very dangerous and their was a 5 million franc wanted on her head. Nancy wake was also known as homocidal because she would kill people in cold blood without hesitation when most guys didnt have the guts to do it. She also specialized in weapons and didnt hesitate to use it. I rank her 4 because of her homocidal tendancies.

Loreta Velasquez

A very tough spy who fought at the Bull Run, Balls Bluff, and Fort Doneloor. Always wanting to be in the miliatry even after being caugh she would re-enlist as a different guy. Even after her husbands death she would still try to join the army and that makes her brave. She like most spies is a thrill seeker because even after being injured she didnt seek medical attention because she thought she would get kicked out of the army. Loreta volunteered to be a spy even though she knew the odds were against her. I rate her 5 becuase she kept getting caught while enlisting in the military.

The Ladies

Loreta Velasquez

Nancy Wake