Jon J. Muth

Profound Children Book Author and Illustrator

Jon J. Muth

John J Muth has written and illustrated severa children books and graphic comics. He is inspired and exhilarated when he writes these books. These books are his life.

Jon J. Muth Biography

Jon J. Muth-

Childhood- He grew up in Cincinnati Ohio. He drew and painted as a child. His mother was an art teacher who inspired him and was his role model.

Adulthood- Jon J. Muth started off working in comics. With the births of his children, it became important for him to say things about the world.

Accomplishments- He has received numerous awards for his books. Stone Soup won a National Parenting Book Award, No Dogs Allowed won a Best Child Book of The Year award, Zen Ties was a New York Best Seller, along with many others.

Conclusion- Jon J. Muth is a profound award winning author of children books, and I’d advise reading one of his books.