The Secretary Of State

By: Spencer J.

Facts About This Postion:

  • ~ This position is appointed by the President .
  • ~ John Kerry is the current Secretary Of State .
  • ~ The Secretary Of State Is In The Department Of State .
  • ~ The Secretary Of State acts on behalf of the President in relation between the U.S and foreign government .

John Kerry:

  • ~ Was born on December 11, 1943 in Denver, CO.
  • ~ Graduated at Yale University in 1966 .
  • ~ Was enlisted in the U.S. Navy and received many awards for his bravery.
  • ~ Attempted a run for President but failed in 2004 .
  • ~ Served as a Democratic Senator for more than 25 years In 2013 .
  • ~ Was confirmed by the U.S. Senate and the President to be Secretary Of State.

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The Department Of State : Fun Facts.

  • ~ Did you know that Thomas Jefferson, the writer of the "Deceleration Of Independence" died on the day he wrote his document. (July 4 ,1882.)
  • ~ Did you know the shortest amount of time that a Secretary Of State served is 11 days!
  • ~ Did you know the first female Secretary Of State was followed by the first African-American Secretary Of State.

Conclusion :

The Secretary Of State is a very important position in the Department Of State. Without it we wouldn't have any allied nations to join forces with and the United State wouldn't have things like NASA Space Programs and other funds.

The Secretary of State is very important in order for the U.S to regulate itself correctly.

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