Boris Onishchenko (1976)

Epee Fencing Controversy


Boris Onishchenko was a Soviet union pentathlete who created an epee fencing controversy. Onishchenko was in a fencing match against British fencer, Adrian Parker. Onishchenko's sword was counting for hits when he didn't actually make contact with his opponent. The British noticed this. After that match, Onishchenko's sword was inspected by the British. It turned out that there was a modification on the grip that let him have the ability to score points by applying an amount of force to create a circuit. Boris Onishchenko was disqualified, leading British to win.


The Olympics had an event called a pentathlon. It is a sports that includes pistol shooting, fencing, 200 m freestyle swimming, show jumping, and a 3600 m cross-country run. Onishchenko was considered one of the best fencers in the competition and was expected to win his matches.

Epee Fencing

A type of fencing that uses the largest and heaviest of the three weapons that are used when fencing