Black Death

Chase Budach

  • The black death occurred in the early 1330’s in China.

  • Some things that can spread the black death are fleas, contact, air.

  • You may be asking yourself well what are the symptoms of the black death? Some symptoms to look for are fever, shaking, and your fingers may turn black.

  • Europe had a significant drop in population through 1345-1350.

  • Europe’s population in 1345: 75 Million

  • Europe’s population in 1350: 50 Million

  • They lost 25 million people in just 5 years.

  • People would beat themselves with whips because they thought that god was punishing them with the black death and they didn’t want god to punish them so they did it themselves.

  • During the black death time period they would have a person wheel around a cart and pick up the dead bodies the man wheeling the cart would say, “bring out your dead.”

  • Some Christians blamed the Jews for black death.

  • It originally was spread because of trade.

    • Humans was not the only thing they would affect they would also affect rodents such as rats.

    • You might be wondering if the black death will affect us today.

    • I am going to be 100% honest with you, I don’t think that you need to be afraid of the black death today because we have doctors and scientists that are make amazing vaccines and medicines to keep us safe and healthy.

    • The people back then did not really have a cure for it because they did not know much about disease.

    • The black Plague had a Tremendous effect on England from 1348-1350. The black plague was supposed to have taken about 50 percent of England's population in that time period, so about 1.5 million people. That was just in two years.

    • So overall the black death was a really bad disease then that affected tons of people and cities, but don't be afraid of it now because when the news talks like it will kill us all they are just trying to scare us.