Wellfield Middle School Newsletter

11 November 2016

Dear Parents, Carers, Friends and Governors

Year 5 iPad Lease Scheme

We launched our iPad Lease scheme to our Year 5 on Monday evening. We had a very positive response from the parents who attended, and have produced a FAQ from the questions raised, which can be found on our website.

We will be holding an additional Question and Answer session after school on Thursday, 17th November at 3:30pm for anyone with additional queries.

For more information about the scheme, please see the Lease scheme details on our website.

Beauty and the Beast at the Tyne Theatre

All students have been invited to our end of term treat, a trip to the Tyne Theatre to see Beauty and the Beast. The trip will take place on the afternoon of the 9th December, we will be leaving school at 12:00 and returning at approx 4:30pm (Dependant on traffic).

The trip costs £14. Permission slips and more details are available here.

Year 5 trip to the Tyneside Cinema

We’re delighted to announce that Year 5 have the opportunity to visit the Tyneside Cinema to attend one of their film-making workshops. The children will use computing and Green Screening skills to create a film together

Students will be visiting on either 24th November or 5th December.

More details on our website here

Choir Practice

We’re delighted to announce that Choir practice commenced this week for all pupils who wish to participate.

When: Tuesday 8th November 2016 at 3.30pm-4.30pm then every Tuesday (term-time only up to 13/12/16 inclusive)

Where: Wellfield Middle School- main hall

Who: All pupils- subject to receipt of parent/ carer permission form

Cost: No charge

Permission Slips can be found here

Warkworth Trip

On Thursday 20th October, Year 7 had the opportunity to visit Warkworth Castle to coincide with their current history and geography topics; Medieval England and Settlements. Luckily, it was a mild October day and despite a light rain shower, we were treated to some sunshine to complete our work booklets and some sketches of the castle and we were even able to eat our lunch outdoors.

I really enjoyed the trip to Warkworth Castle (although we didn't get to see any ghosts!) and I was really happy that the weather wasn't too bad. It was a very interesting day and I liked it a lot. Holly Turner 7HR

We had lovely weather so we could explore the castle grounds without rain and enjoy a restful lunch on the grass. We learned many interesting facts such as how the castle was defended and what life was like in the castle. Ella Bullock 7HR

Newcastle University's STEM Ambassador Chemistry Workshops

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What's the Matter?

All of year 6 pupils took part in a hands-on chemistry workshop, named 'What's the Matter?', delivered by Ellie Oakley, a Stem Ambassador from Newcastle University this week.

Pupils learned about the properties of materials and particularly focused on 'colloids' - a substance microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance, for example, mayonnaise, shaving foam and jam.

The most exciting part of the workshops was an experiment to make 'elephant's toothpaste', which exploded out of a large conical flask.

Please click here to see more photos and videos.

School Council receive a Silver Award from Councillor McGarr, Chairman of North Tyneside

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Last year's School Council had an inspection in the Summer Term to see whether they met the criteria for a 'Chairman's Award' and have been eagerly awaiting the results. The wait was over for them when it was revealed in a special assembly this week attended by Councillor David McGarr, the Chairman of North Tyneside Council.

Councillor McGarr gave a speech and congratulated our school council on it's contribution to school life and democracy and presented our Silver Award.

Well done to all of School Council members, we are very proud of you!

Miss McElderry

Local author, Chris Callaghan, shares his story about a 'chocopocolypse' with KS2.

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The Great Chocoplot

Chris Callaghan is a local author who has recently published his first book, 'The Great Chocoplot', initially written for his daughter as a Christmas present.

He came into school this week to work with a group of Year 6 pupils and inspire them to read and write for pleasure. He talked about the inspiration for his book, coming up with the word, 'chocopoclypse' and his love of all things Roald Dahl, particularly his creativity when inventing new words.

Chris read extracts from his book and asked pupils to describe the characters from illustrations, using a thesaurus to expand on their own words, and to be creative and make up their own descriptive vocabulary.

Pupils also worked in teams to write their own chocolate-themed story incorporating lots of well-known chocolate bars, with great results!

All of KS2 had a special assembly with Chris and learned lots about chocolate and took part in a debate about what could possibly be worse than a world without chocolate.

Chris stayed through lunch to sign copies of his book, but didn't have time to finish them all and has promised to return before the end of term to sign more.

Unfortunately, he has no books left to sell directly, but they can be purchased from bookshops and brought in to be signed on the day.

Miss McElderry

Auditions for Jane Eyre

Award-winning writer Anne Dalton invites highly talented and committed youngsters and adults to audition for the chance to perform alongside her professional cast. This brilliant new production offers them a unique opportunity to be part of an exciting original creative experience. Because of the distinctive nature of the piece ABD is looking for a wide range of auditionees who have previous choral and/or performance experience. There are also opportunities for a select group of senior and junior skilled dancers who can cope with a variety of styles.

AUDITIONS Sunday 13th November at Billingham Forum Theatre

Production Dates 22nd – 25th February 2017


A number of our students have performed in ABD productions at Whitley Bay Playhouse in the past. Please note, the rehearsals and performances for this production are in the Billingham area. There is more information here.

Congratulations and Well done!

Well done Noah, very impressive!

Noah attempted and passed his black belt grading this week and worked very hard to achieve this. He had a 6 month assessment followed by a week long intensive assessment.

Throughout Noah has had to learn a new martial art, teach kickboxing to his peers, develop and deliver a presentation to his assessors, spar and train with senior kickboxers, do intensive fitness drills and technique drills, read 2 martial art books (that have been written for adults) and answer questions on them.

We are very proud of you Noah!

Archie shows off his black belt too - fantastic achievement!

We are very proud of the work and dedication shown by Archie and impressed with his success outside of school. Well done!

Thomas earns black belt and races in the UK Junior Dash

Thomas has had a busy week, not only achieving his black belt, alongside Archie and Noah, but also he travelled to Leeds to take part in 'Age UK's Junior Dash 2016' at the weekend. Very impressive on both counts Thomas, well done!
Well done to Amelia on second place in her gymnastics.

'Talent for Writing' in Year 6

Last year, some of the year 5s took part in a horrible histories writing competition. They had only 100 words to create an adventure story with a historical character in it. All the entries were sent off, along with thousands of others from schools around the country, to the Young Writers organisation.

Well done to Katie Carr-Scott, Evie Carlisle Duhil, Charlotte Scott, Daisy Spry and Olivia Cowen - their work will be published in a book early next year.

Year 7 Super Science Home learning

Pupils were asked to make a model cell and present these to their classmates. Miss Potts and Miss Foster were very impressed by the high quality.
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Extracurricular Activities so far.....


Year 6 Gym- Morning (MW)

Year 5 Skipping club- Lunch time (BH)

Girls Netball- After School (JG/CS)

Robotics Club - After School


Year 7 Girls Gym- Morning (KB)

KS3 Volleyball- Lunch time (KB)

Cricket club- After School (KB)

Choir - After School


Year 7 Boys Gym- Morning (KB)

Dance club- Lunch time (KB)

Karate Club- After School

Art Club - After School


Year 8 Gym- Morning (KB)

KS2 boy’s football- Lunch time (MW)


Year 8 Gym- Morning (KB)

Also, anyone interested in dancing in the Pantomime can attend lunchtime rehearsals, the times will be announced each week by Mrs Bolam.

Dates for your Diary

29 November Year 5 Trip to Great North Museum Planetarium

9 December Tyne Theatre Pantomime, All pupils, more details to follow.


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