Digital Citizenship

Social Media by Ellie Carter


Cyber bulling is a form of bullying genarated in social media such as texting, e-mail or websites like facebook and twitter. Rude messages and threats harm the peole who bullies target. It may be a destressing time but always inform and older person. If you are on a social media website like facebook and someone hacks your account always report to there saftey site. If you are in a situation where you are being cyber bullied follow these instuctions;

- Never send a rude message back to a bully as you are also sending harmful messages and you are just as bad as the bully.

- Save your messages and show a responsible adult or relative.

- Report your problem to your social media website so they can shut your

account down or report to eheadspace or kids helpline who are organisations who help you deal with your problem.

If you or anyone you know is being cyberbullied you can contact Kids Helpline or eheadspace.

Online Safety

Online saftey is important all uses of the internet. It stops prevent the problem of cyber bullying or giving people unwanted information. To stay clear of this follow these rules;

- Never give away an email adress on a social media website for the world to see!

- If an advertisement pops up it is not safe to enter in any information. eg if it says you can win a free ipad just enter your details.

- if any problems accure then ask an adult.


When you are on social media it is easy to say something that is mean that you would not say face to face in real life. You must remember to think before you send a message and if it is respectful. You must remember;

- Treat people how you wish to be treated.

- Tell an adult if it happens to you.

- Know what is and is not exceptable.