Surviving 9th Grade

Tips from A Fre$hman

Starting fresh

Hi, my name is Julia Manolis. To have a successful year, I will share with you some tips that you will need to know that can help you throughout the year as a freshman. First, I suggest you study for quizzes, tests etc. That is very important considering we have a lot of points that come from tests. Most points are from homework, and I highly suggest you do that even if you don't want to. Being organized is very important. We have binder checks every 9 weeks so keeping your binder organized is so important for your grades.

Overview of the course's content

There were a few story's throughout the year that I have enjoyed. One story I really liked was Monster. I liked the way it was set up in the book and how it gave me a good visual idea of what was going on in it. Another book I liked was The Hunger Games. It was a really easy read considering I saw the movies. It was by far my favorite book. I also liked reading the Odysseys. Romeo and Juliet was very long but interesting. I loved it.

Independent reading overview

I personally do not like to read at all. I only like to read books that I pick out and not "forced" to read. I didn't like being on a time schedule either. I didn't like having to finish my book by a certain date. Other than that, I enjoyed some of the books that I had to read. Although, independent reading made me a little bit more into reading overall.

My favorites

One of my favorite things we did this year was all of the stories we got to read. I really enjoyed the activities we did to in the class. Mrs. Allen makes her class fun and enjoyable. The room is welcoming and the smell is amazing when the candles are lit.

My not so favorites

My not so favorite thing about English was the Binder checks that we had to do. It was very hard to keep my binder neat because of how many papers we got thrown at us everyday. I hated that. Even by the end of the year we got loaded with papers.


You will have to stay organized. Also, pay attention to what Mrs. Allen has to say at all times. It usually is important and stuff you need to know. Try to be interested in whatever we are learning even if it is not. Also, come with a positive attitude and everything should be fine.

Ways to make Mrs. Allen laugh/ Top 5 ways to stay organized

1.) Keep your binder organized

2.) Keep ALL your papers

3.) Binder checks are helpful

4.) Have note cards to help you organize the sections of your binder.

5.) 1 Way to make Mrs. Allen laugh- Have Jake Wealther in your class.

Inspirational Quote

"Don't waste your time with explanations. People only hear what they want to hear.- Paulo Coeiho