Your Library Learning Commons

Use your library to the fullest!

Guiding Principles

The Vista Heights Library Learning Commons has a few simple principles that guide the work we do here.

  • The library is here for students: We have worked hard to make sure the library is a comfortable space with the resources students need. Students are welcome to come in, grab the tech or books they need, move the furniture to the configuration that works best for them, and get to work.
  • The library is here for teachers: Your TL (Teacher Librarian) is here to help you navigate through the masses of resources available to you. If you are ready to share your passions and interests and curriculum goals, your TL is ready to burn the midnight oil and find the books, videos, articles, websites, artifacts and magazines to support those goals and interests.
  • The schedule is open: We have a few periods each week where your TL is booked for ESL instruction and for reading strategy lessons with K's and 1's, other than that the library is open for you to co-plan and co-teach lessons with your TL, and to send students to use the space to work, read, or collaborate (with or without TL support). This means the library is not the silent tomb it was in years gone by.
  • Tech Support: Tech is always changing. It's hard to keep up with it all. Your TL will try her best to stay on top of those changes and offer lunch n learns and news flashes about them, and incorporate them into lessons.

Library Resources

Working With Your Teacher Librarian