Transition Plus September 9th

Be so good they can't ignore you

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ESP Individual Meetings

Please schedule a 20-30 minute meeting to meet with Jason & Daphne. You can schedule this with Melissa or Traci. We want to meet with each of you to discuss your goals for the year and have a discussion about what you see we can improve on at T-Plus.

Recruiters from Tree Trust/Youthbuild program will be here to present to students who are interested in the trades (specifically the building trades) on Thursday, September 12th at 10:30am. We will have students gather in Greg's room to hear them explain everything in regards to their programs and how to apply.

There will be applications to complete and interviews for Tree Trust applicants will be on September 17th at 1:00pm. Students do get paid while they participate in this training.


Hi all, this is Patricia in T201. I want everyone to know that I can make myself available in the hour before school starts to help you with curriculum resources. I am also available 2nd hour but I know before school might work better for many of you. Please schedule time with me if you need some help! I can assist with Google classroom, Google Docs, Nearpod, IXL, Newsela, Microsoft Office, and Gradebook. I can help you search our curriculum library, show you how to search for materials at PIC, and do searches for other curriculum resources. I can provide creative ideas for creating your own materials. Let's get together!


The library installation will be delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances at the district level. But, we should have access to our web-based audio book collection soon. There are going to be about 500 audio books in this collection! Patricia will be available to show you how students can check out audio books as soon as the collection is accessible.

Employee Handbook

Please take some time to review the Employee Handbook. Once you've reviewed it please sign off on the back of your Emergency Staff card.

Weekly SEL message:

I’m excited to be the new SEL Coach for Transition Plus. This year we will divide the 5 areas of SEL by the same schedule as the CBI Friday Rounds. You will likely be doing be doing SEL activities from the first day, so the first section can be considered to start immediately. The SEL Activities are located on the share drive. The name of the document is SEL Activities. The document is currently being revised and added to (including Team 1 appropriate activities) so you will see the new one shortly. The following is a guideline for planning:

  • 09/03 to 10/11 Self Awareness
  • 10/14 to 12/06 Self Management
  • 12/09 to 01/31 Social Awareness
  • 02/03 to 03/06 Relationship Skills
  • 03/09 to 04/24 Responsible Decision Making

Please let me know if you have questions.


ILT Update

The Instructional Leadership Team met on Friday morning for our first meeting of the year.

The Agenda/Minutes can be found on the Google Share Drive: Licensed Staff/Teacher>Agendas> ILT Agendas>2019-2020

If you have a Q Comp Stipend position please complete the form that was sent to your email on 8/29/2019 titled 2019-20 Q Comp Leadership Roles & Stipends

We reviewed and discussed the School Improvement Plan.


All students (full time) will complete a Self Awareness project at students individual level. Projects will be shared at IEP conference/Team meeting by May, 2020.


Student participation in the IEP (planning/meeting) will increase from 69% to 90% by the end of the school year.

Post School Outcomes

100% of graduating students will be employed, continuing education or connected to supports by May, 2020.

Our next meeting is 9/20/19 and we will discuss adding/changing our goals around Equity and ILT will explore reading Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain.

ESP's: If you are interested in joining ILT please talk with an ILT team member.

2019-2020 ILT: Greg Kalberer, Jason Backes, Christina Bratner, Jewell Reichenberger, Tia Jamison, Laura Lyman, Brad Aubrecht, Colleen Knuth, Rachel Prince, Trish Praus, Brett Haugen, Ben Rodriguez, Jaimee Brummell

Staff Updates

Student Attendance - If you know why a student is absent, please let Melissa know. She will code the absence appropriately so the student does not have an unexcused absence.

Student Folders - We have very few returned back to school folders from students. Please talk to students about returning them. It is important to have updated information.

Staff Emergency Cards - Please fill one out if you haven't already. They are on the counter by the mailboxes.

Wall hooks and putty for hanging posters - Tape should not be used on finished/painted walls. We have an abundant supply of hooks and wall putty. See Traci or Melissa.

Walkie Talkies - If you need one, be sure to let Traci know right away. She is working to make sure all of them are operable and those who need them have them.

Teacher Voice Mail - Remember to set up your voice mail. A list was provided to staff last week with voice mail numbers. Her is the link on THE SOURCE with directions.


Tplus will be emailing out monthly newsletters to families.

The nature of the newsletter is to celebrate victories, mention needs, and announce upcoming events.

If you know something that should go in the newsletter, email it to Melissa Freeman or Colleen Knuth, worded as it should be in the newsletter.

The deadline is the 3rd Friday of the month to make the next month's newsletter.

Meeting Schedule for the year

Here is a list of the meetings scheduled for the year- there will be a couple of other groups with additional meetings scheduled - this will be coming soon!

As you are writing these meetings on your calendars, if you are a licensed staff you should consider setting up you IEP calendar too. Check in with a buddy teacher or Liz Carlson if you need help.

Student login/account help

The IT help desk is available at 612-668-0088 and can help with student account problems or questions.

Traci can also help with passwords and user name info for students. If they forgot their password, she can change it. Students brand new to MPS will have to wait until the day after they have been enrolled to have access to their account.

Flu Shot Clinic

Wednesday, October 16th, from 11:30-2:30. The flu shot and the mist will be available. If you have insurance please bring your card. The clinic will accept people regardless of insurance status.

ESP Opportunity

ESPs will be compensated with Integration funds for serving in some of the 2019-20 Q Comp Leadership Roles

The 2019-20 roles that ESPs can hold and will be compensated for with Integration funds are:

  • Equity & Engagement Team Member - $350
  • ILT Member - $350
  • Site Council - $350

All leadership stipends will be paid out in May, 2020 for serving during the 2019-20 school year.

Funding Opportunity: Achievement & Integration Mini-Grants

We are excited to announce an opportunity for schools to support our district achievement and integration goals. The primary purpose of the Integration & Achievement Mini-Grants is to give schools the opportunity to promote racial integration for students at racially isolated and non racially isolated sites.

Integrated learning experiences are meaningful opportunities for students to build relationships between students of different races, ethnicities and socioeconomic status and are sustained over time. They enable students to build awareness, knowledge and skills for authentic relationships with people from racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds different from their own.

Tentative grant timeline:

  • Applications accepted starting August 23

  • Award notices sent: starting September 6

  • Awards distributed: starting mid-September

  • Awards spent by June 15, 2020

  • End of year evaluation due: June 15, 2020

Projects will be selected based on a review of their project description, alignment to the Achievement & Integration Goals, clarity of project goals, evaluation metrics, and project budget. Any school may apply for a project supporting student integration as long as:

  • Racially isolated sites can partner with a non-RIS site or an interdistrict partner school (Saint Louis Park and Robbinsdale) Non racially isolated sites must partner with a racially isolated site(s)

Applications can be found here. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting August 23rd. We will fund programs until funding runs out.

For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a different question, please contact Betsy Ohrn at 612-668-0731 or

Greetings from the CSC ("the mental health collab")!

I'm looking forward to another great year with all of you! I'm excited to share that I will have an intern working with me this year. Her name is Soyoul Song; she goes by "Soy." She's in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at St. Mary's and has experience working as a youth counselor at the Arlington House Youth Shelter in St. Paul. She is from South Korea and is passionate about serving immigrant communities and their families. I think she will be a great addition to our T Plus community. Please help me in welcoming her when you see her!

Just a reminder that we are available to come into your advisories and classrooms to share with students what resources and support we provide. We also support families in need, regardless of the student's ability to communicate or otherwise engage in "talk therapy." If you are concerned about a family who may have mental health needs, please talk to their social worker and/or myself to see if the CSC can offer support.

Feel free to email (or catch me in the hall!) with questions or to set up a time for us to come into your classroom:

Love Them First

Thursday at 8 p.m. (Sept. 12), KARE11 will air the “Love Them First” documentary about Lucy Laney. If you haven’t had a chance to view the 90-minute film, we highly recommend it. And it is a great opportunity to engage with families as well.

Lunchtime Reminder

Students should eat their lunches in either the cafeteria or outside on the benches, weather permitting. Students should not eat in the main lobby that we share with AE. Please encourage students to clean up after themselves. Thanks!

Support Aihmon

Aihomon used to work at Tplus as an SEA and she is now in the running for the 2019 Nigerian International Pageant for her state of Edo in Nigeria.

To raise money to participate, She is cooking plates of her native cuisine, Cassava Leaf & Rice with Chicken & shrimp and selling them for $10 a plate. See Flyer Here

She said if people at Tplus want to buy plates of food, she will deliver them to the school.

This Week at TPlus

Monday----------------Non-tenured Licensed Staff Meeting------ 8:30--------Jake's Room------------T301

---------------------------- HCMC Project Search Leadership Mtg--10:30--------HCMC

Tuesday---------------Team 1 Meeting--------------------------------------- 8:35--------Molly's Room-----------T205

Thursday--------------Team 2/3 Meeting----------------------------------- 8:35--------Brad's Room------------T310

Friday-------------------Equity & Engagement/ PSWE-------------------8:30--------Engagement Room- T311

Toilets, bowties, gender and me | Audrey Mason-Hyde | TEDxAdelaide


On Tuesdays I would like staff to commit to dressing professional.

We can model for our students what a professional community can look like.

You can wear a bow tie, a neck tie, a tied scarf or just dress professionally.

Support Elliot

Friday Sept 13th our funny SEA Elliot Vreeland has his once a month comedy show at Southdale Mall except this one is really special because Daphne's brother is the headliner!!

You can purchase tickets online at or see Elliot for physical tickets he works in Jason W.'s room on the 2nd floor.