Hardware and Software

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Software is something you can use to organise and display your work. For example Word and PowerPoint are software's because they are something inside the electronic. There are two main types of software which are System software and Application software. System software helps run the computer, for example it helps with the operating system which allows the system to communicate with the hardware.

Did you know that software is logical in nature?


Hardware is an electronic item that has physical parts. For example a computer, keyboard, mobile phones and memory sticks. Hardware is where you can physical touch something. There are millions of Hardware devices such as, laptop, keyboard, digital camera, mobile phone, tablets, joysticks, trackball, microphone, scanner, printer, video digester and much more. Did you know that hardware is physical nature?

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diffrences between hardware and software

Hardware and Software have many differences. Hardware is any physical device, like a computer. Software is data installed onto a device, for example video games. Hardware and software also help each other out because if there isn't any hardware the computer won't run probably and the software would then not have anything to run on. Software tells the hardware what to show on the screen.

By Amy Walter!