Junk Food Should Be Banned

So many people agree that we should ban junk food at school. You should agree with these good reasons.
Have you ever thought you were slow? If you are you 74% ate junk food. This bad on a sports day because you need to exersise. Tag is not a good option for slowness if you are either the tagger or the runner. Cross Country is 99.99% not first.

don't read this please

Eating junk gives... you weight of course! Nobody loves having so much weight and if you do have a lot of weight, just look around and see how many people isn't fatty. Now that you see stop eating junk food
When eating more junk food you obivosly get a bigger body and a bigger body means you get hit more easily. Do you like getting hit? I don't think so and people don't want to hit you, your just in the way.
So now you have been convinced to not eat junk food at school. Eat more fruit and vegies and stay healthy.