Miss Mitchell's 2nd Grade News

December 15-19th

Events to Remember

NWEA TESTING: Wednesday and Thursday from 9:35-11. Please make sure that your child gets enough sleep :)

Thursday: Winter Program starts at 7 with students arriving in the classroom by 6:45. Please keep their coats with parents as my room will lock when we leave!

Winter Party is on Friday! Volunteers have already been contacted by the room parents. I will upload pictures after the party! I have a HUGE Surprise for Friday afternoon!! (DO NOT TELL) we have been reading the Boxcar Children series and I found the movie!! It is rated G and I know that the kids are going to freak out!

The last day of school is December 19th. The first day back is January 6th. I will be back on January 8th. I am joining my family (2 nieces, 2 nephews) at Disney World. I will be staying at the resort with my then 5 1/2 month old niece. The students know already and I already have my plans ready. :) Have a wonderful break!!

Specials Schedule:

Day 1: Music (Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday students will be practicing for their Music program instead of specials!)

Day 2: Art

Day 3: Computer Lab

Day 4: P.E.

Our Schedule

9-9:30 Learning Clubs

9:30-11 Readers Workshop

11-11:50 Writers Workshop

11:50-12:40 Lunch/ Recess

12:40-1:35 Science/ Social Studies (Friday’s 12:45-1:05 Library Checkout)

1:35-2:15 Specials

Day 1: Music

Day 2: Art

Day 3: Computer Lab

Day 4: P.E.

2:15-3:25 Math

3:25- 3:30 Read Aloud

3:30-3:40 Pack Up/ Dismiss

Music Program

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to show off the hard work your students have been doing in music class this year with a performance! The second grade concert will begin promptly at 7:00 PM on Thursday, December 18th in the CRES gymnasium. Students should report to their homeroom teacher’s Classrooms at 6:45 PM. The performance will last about 20-30 minutes. Students should wear semi-formal attire they can move freely in such as polos, dress shirts, slacks, and dresses or long skirts for the girls. Any shoes are fine. If you have any questions, please e-mail me atshussain@hse.k12.in.us or call (317) 594-4170 and ask to be connected the music teacher.


Suley Hussain

Music Teacher

Cumberland Road Elementary

Great Discussion

Last week we had such an amazing discussion. The topic of Holidays came up and students began asking each other about their family celebrations.

If your family has a tradition, food, song/dance, etc that you would be willing to come in and share, please let me know!!

I have been waiting for these authentic discussions and I am so excited that they are happening!


This week we will continue to identify NonFiction text features! We will also spend 2 days this week testing during our Reading block.

Weekly reading homework:

Homework will be a review: Main idea, supporting detail, problem/ solution, setting, and characters!


We will continue to work on making our "how to" steps into a book.

Typing Practice (optional):


User name is h+ student ID.

Password: Hsebirthdaycode example: Hse030492 Which is March 3, 1992


This week we will review addition and subtraction without regrouping and review addition with regrouping. We are working on subtracting with borrowing. It is a struggle but more students are clicking everyday!!

Math Homework: December Math Homework will come home on MONDAY! Each week should be signed by FRIDAY!

Week 1: December 5th

Week 2: December 12th

Week 3: December 19th

Moby Max:

Moby Max is a website that is used for MANY different reasons. The reason that we as educators like it is for Math. I like how it gives the students math at their level. It also self motivates by allowing game time when tasks are completed. Everyone is set up but not everyone has been on yet!


username: school ID #

password: Hsebirthdaycode example: Hse020689 February 6, 1986

Miss Mitchell

  • I will send out newsletters on Sunday evening
  • I always check my email in the morning, during the day, and in the evening
  • If you leave a message for me, I will return it during my prep time (1:35-2:15) or after 4 PM
  • Please send all transportation changes in writing if you can
  • If you do not get a reply e-mail from me about transportation, please call the school by 2 PM (unless there is a later emergency). I do not always get the chance to read emails right away or I could be absent
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