Endgame: The Calling

Science Fiction, Written by James Frey

Endgame The Calling - Official Trailer 2014

Book Review

"The Event is coming, and it is part of Endgame. The Event will destroy everything you've ever known. But the winner of Endgame earns survival. Survival for themselves and every one of their line. Endgame is the puzzle of life, and the reason for death. It holds the origin of all things, and the solution to the end of all things. Find the keys. There are no rules. After all, this is Endgame."

Written by the amazing James Frey, Endgame is an incredibly exciting novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and have you reading until 2:00 am. You just have to read it!

Endgame takes place in the modern world, where twelve people descended from the original lines of humanity have been thrust into a game for the survival of the human race! The first "Player" to collect Earth Key, Sky Key, and Sun Key wins survival for themselves and the members of their line. Sarah and Jago didn't want to Play, but they must. Will they be victorious? Or will they perish? Find out in Endgame: The Calling.

I really loved reading Endgame. It has a great blend of violence, action, personality, and intimacy. All twelve characters were fully developed, so you can cheer for whatever one you like, as they all have their own truths and ideals. You can definitely find a character to relate to! One thing I think James Frey could have done a better job of was clearly defining the protagonist and antagonist, instead of you having to decide for yourself. But overall, Endgame is a must-read!

Endgame is the kind of book that makes you want to mark your calendar for when the second book comes out. Nothing comes close to Endgame's blend of romance, action, and epic cliff-hangers! If you are on the market for a book that will temporarily dominate your life, you need Endgame!

About The Author

James Cristopher Frey, born September 12, 1969, is currently 46, and is from Cleveland, Ohio. James wrote his first book in 2003, a memoir called "A Million Little Pieces". He then wrote a continuation of it in 2004, called "My Friend Leonard". In 1998, he also wrote the screenplay for a small movie named "Kissing a Fool". In 2006, he experienced a controversy when sources revealed that some parts of his book were false. He then apologized on live TV, on the Oprah Show. Even though, his next series was even more famous, as he wrote the "I am Number Four" books. James Frey hasn't won any official awards, but most of his books, including Endgame, are New York Times bestsellers. James now resides in his hometown with his wife, and is the CEO of his company.

Main Characters/Protagonist and Antagonist

In Endgame, there is no central conflict, as all twelve players have conflicts with each other. Though, if I had to pick a protagonist and antagonist who's motives and truths make them the most likely to be the protagonist and antagonist, these are whom I'd pick.

Sarah Alopay

Sarah is a girl from Omaha who was forced into Endgame when her brother was seriously injured while training for it. She is generally a well-developed character, but her personality and achievements can make her look like a Mary Sue, a character who excels at everything, and is therefore boring. I still liked Sarah a lot. You could really feel for her when she was forced into Endgame and all hopes of having a normal life anymore. She was also a very down-to-earth kind of person who is easy to relate to, a quality that is sometimes lost in science-fiction or dystopian books. In all, Sarah was a great protagonist, and if James Frey decides to focus in on the real her instead of her achievements, I think she could be an even better protagonist.

An Liu

To me, An Liu was a character who was clearly the antagonist, but also very real and had personality. At first, An seems like your typical flat antagonist, only wanting mass death in the world, and doing anything to get it. But once you look back into his childhood, you start to understand more about him. As I said before, he is very real. He has nervous tics, which make him more realistic as a human being than almost every main character ever. He also has a lot of psychological issues, caused from Endgame and his father. Overall, An was a very good antagonist, and I can't wait to read more about him in the second and third books.

Endgame Training Diaries: The Three Novellas

Moments of Impact

My two favourite parts in Endgame are the Calling and the climax.

At the Calling, the Players are gathered by a mysterious seven-fingered being (Not Kidding). The being disappears after giving clues to the Players as to where the first key is. After the being leaves, the Players immediately engage each other, and by the end of the Calling, a Player is dead...

In the climax, Sarah ascends to get Earth key, but is subdued by another Player. Meanwhile, An Liu is holding a gun to another Player's head, while Chiyoko watches from the shadows, waiting for the chance to strike.

What will happen? Who will perish? Find out in the best science-fiction action book of our current time: Endgame: The Calling.

Pitch/Driving Question

What makes Endgame great? What makes it stand out from all the other books I read in a year? Well, here's where I am obligated to answer that question. First of all, the setting is surprisingly good. Although it's just modern day Earth, it is easily connectible, more so than the dystopian books of today, when you're thinking: "I can't imagine myself living there". The rising action could be seven climaxes, as the book leaps from action sequence from action sequence, while keeping intimacy for suspense, romance, and foreshadowing. The book slowly builds all the way to the end of the book, where the first key is about to be captured, and just blows your mind with the cliff-hanger ending! The mood is actually perfect in Endgame, as it maintains a serious, dark, mood, while having funny, excitable moments of action or comedy. The foreshadowing is amazing, leaving after each night asking question after question, while giving you subtle hints of what to come. The climax of the book is also the ending, leaving you with a cliff-hanger after all the action you've just endured! But my favourite part of Endgame were the characters and conflict. All twelve characters were fully-developed, giving me the opportunity to bond or relate to any one I choose. There was no clearly defined protagonist or antagonist, which made this book stand out from all others I've read. The book wants you to choose who your protagonist is. This allows for a better relationship to the character, and more connection to the book. The conflict is amazing, because each character has a unique relationship with another, making all the conflicts different between them. This is great because it makes the book have incredible detail in it. Overall, this is a very unique and exciting book with incredible detail, great conflict, and I've already now read the second book, which is even better than the first. So I recommend reading this, and if you do, the sequel is in bookstores now.

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