Low Vision and Blindness

Nicole Albrecht


Low vision is a reduced level of vision that cannot be fully corrected with correctional glasses. Daily functioning is affected when a person has low vision. Blindness means a person has a lack of vision. There is no functional vision and people may only be able to perceive shadows or movement. There are two types of blindness, partial and complete blindness. Partial blindness means there is very limited vision. Complete blindness means a person cannot see anything and light is not able to be seen
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  • Intellectual Characteristics
  • Play and social interaction may be delayed
  • Language and Concept development
  • Academic Achievement
  • Perceptual abilities affected as well as orientation, mobility, and way-finding

Prevalence Rate

1 out of 4 school-aged children have vision impairments
Making the Sensational Happen: One touch, one sound, one experience at a time

Classroom Accommodations, Modifications, or Strategies

Braille- students who have low vision or blindness can use textbooks, worksheets, and other reading materials that are written in braille

Additional desk or work space- students may need extra space, especially if they read braille, for their materials

Audiotape Materials- books and other materials are provided on tape

Presentation- verbalize all information written on the board or overhead projector

Setting- face students away from windows and preferential seating

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Home Accommodations

Arrange Furniture- move furniture so it doesn't stick out, do not leave doors halfway open, and remove electrical cords from walking areas

Lighting- position lighting away from eyes or add extra lighting if needed

Use contrast- place light objects against dark backgrounds and dark objects against light backgrounds.

This website is for teachers who have students in their class with low vision or blindness. It has links to assistive technology, different teaching strategies, and other resources.
This website is for parents and it gives them tips on bonding with their low vision or blind child, especially when reading.

Braille Tutor

This App is an interactive learning experience for low vision or blind students. Students can learn and practice braille with Braille Tutor.
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