Henry Hudson

Early Explorer


My explorers name is Henry Hudson, he was an early explorer. Hudson was sent by a king and queen to look for different things. He traveled across the Arctic Ocean. His Kings name was King James.

Early Life

Henry Hudson was born at 3:17 PM on Monday, August 13th, 1565. Hudson explored parts of the Arctic Ocean and Northeastern North America. Little is known about Hudson's early life.

Reasons For Exploring

Hudson explored for, the Muscovy Company of England, they hired Hudson for finding a Northeastern route to the Pacific cost of Asia. He was looking for the Pacific Coast of Asia.


The Arctic Ocean in the 1630's. He used a ship with his crew. They didn't find a lot of food besides meat.


Hudson died on June, 22nd, 1611, near Hudson Bay. He was the first European to sail up the Hudson River.
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A Terrible Death

Thursday, Dec. 15th 1611 at 9pm

Near Hudson Bay