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An Introduction to Colostomy

Colostomy is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon creates an artificial opening in the abdominal wall. The opening then joined with colon, creating stoma, which allows waste products come out from the body. The location of stoma depends upon the type of disease. For example, colostomy is performed near the anus for the patients with rectum cancer, and for colon cancer patients, the location is a little higher (above the healthy part of the colon).

Colostomy is done with anesthesia, which can result in various problems such as breathing, side effect of medicines on health, infection, injury near organs, and skin irritation. In addition, the patients undergoing this treatment can also experience bleeding, blockage of stoma, and surgical wound opening. There are two ways to do colostomy – laparotomy and laparoscopy. In the second type, the patients can recovered quickly, and the chances of risks are also reduced. Bowel obstruction due to constipation, hernia, etc. is treated through colostomy.

Colostomy is the perfect treatment for bowel cancer. Depending upon the condition, colon part is removed or temporary stoma is created. After the treatment, the colon is joined. In case of removing the rectum, the permanent colostomy is recommended by the surgeons. Diverticulitis is another condition, in which colostomy bags are swollen, resulting in high temperature, pain in stomach, vomiting, etc. Temporary colostomy is the best solution of it, which is helpful in removing the affected part.

For colostomy, you should contact a knowledgeable surgeon who has good experience in this area. Also, you should purchase ​colostomy bags from a reputed company. For this, you can explore the internet. Prepare a list of companies, compare their products and services, and select one that suits your needs the best.

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