Blood Shed on Five Slave Owners

Kayla Rivera

Kansas-Nebraska Act

It was the time when America wanted to connect to the west. Stephen Douglas an Illinois senator, wanted to build a northern route with an eastern terioninus in Chicago. To get popularity with the south, he made the Kansas-Nebraska Act. In this act, it re-opened Kansas and Nebraska to slavery by popular sovereignity, it also repeals (took away) the Missouri Compromise, which angers the North. One of the many outcomes of this is "Bleeding Kansas".

"Bleeding Kansas"

I just witnessed a murder. It was late at night, I was minding my own business until something unusual caught my attention. A couple of men surround a house, knocked on the door and asked if they were slave owners. Then wack the men are hacking him to pieces and does the same with three other slave owners. By the looks of this it just seemed liked the beginning.