Free Math Apps

(for younger students)

Count Sort- helps children recognize that counting must be done in a "one-to-one" fashion

Counting Board-tool for learning numbers

Critter Coral-play number games to help the critters in a wacky Wild West town

Make 10 Plus-the goal is to make 10 as fast as you can

Ten Frame Mania-great for learning to make 5 and 10

SlateMath for Kids-Kindergarten and First Grade Games: develops math skills with playful games

Line Em up-helps to promote mastery of number order

10 Frame Fill-helps students learn combinations of 10

Number Rack-encourage kids to count in groups of 5s and10s, add and subtract

Math Slide 100-helps students understand tens, and ones, numbers up to 100

Math Slide 1000-helps students understand hundreds, tens, and ones, numbers up to 1000

Number Find Lite-find hidden numbers on a 100s chart (this app is challenging)

Bedtime Math-Choose the math problem of the day; 3 levels of challenge; the goal of the designers is to make math a fun part of everyday lives, as beloved as the bedtime story

Number Line-helps kids see number sequences; can model addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems

Pizza Fractions-students select the fraction that represents the number of slices left on the pizza plate. Students shake the Ipad to get the next question.

TouchMath Adventures Lite-The apps on counting and addition are out now. Apps on subtraction, multiplication, and division are coming soon. (pro versions cost about $10.00)