6th Grade Science Newsletter

Brought you by Heffernan, Nordberg, and Schmidt

Unit 6 Geology - Finally!!!!

It has been a long journey through Science this year but we have finally made it to the BEST unit of all! At least that's what Mrs. Nordberg, Ms. Schmidt and I think. Unit 6 Geology covers such topics as Layers of the Earth, Rocks and the Rock cycle and . . . . wait for it . . . . PLATE TECTONICS!!!!!!! Awesome!!!! In this unit you should see your student making models, collecting rocks and possibly digging in the dirt. This unit is very heavy on videos, fold-ables, coloring and cutting, digital learning, and games. Actually the rest of the spring units will all be like this. As the students learned last week, since scientists have only been able to drill down into the Earth a distance of 12 kilometers = 7.5 miles, we as learners can't exactly dig down into the layers to witness the heat and pressure or movement that is shaping the Earth. So be looking for links and video's.

P.S. - The state standards do require us to teach that the Earth is 4.6 Billion years old. If this interferes with your religious believes, we apologize and ask that you and your child have an open mind and perspective. We are in no way trying to change your student's beliefs, and we will in no way engage in a religious debate or argument.

Weekly Agenda for Feb. 15-19

Monday - No School / President's Day

Tuesday - Started Unit 5 Vocabulary on Layers of the Earth

Wednesday - Finish Vocab. Graded when completed.

Thursday - Start Dynamic Earth Webquest (this is a very in depth web search, students will need to work diligently)

Friday - Open notes Quick Quiz 1 first; then Finish webquest. Graded When completed.

Homework: All students should be working on vocab to complete and the webquest.

All quizzes are open journal. if students do not take notes or glue in their work then they do not have their notes to use.

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Please Get Help

Students must attend tutoring if they have failed a test or quiz, earned a failing grade, have missing work or 0's, or if they have earned unsatisfactory grades.

Times: Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7:45-8:15 and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons 3:20-4:20.

Why Does The Earth Have Layers?
Dynamic Earth WebQuest

Here is the Link to the website for Thursday's digital learning activity.