Molly Pitcher

By: Dianna Andaur

When I Was Born

i was born on October 13, 1754 in Trenton, New jersey my name was Mary Ludwick. My parents Maria Margetha Ludwick and John George Ludwick are immigrants from Germany and moved to the 13 colonies when i was born, to make money they bought a dairy farm in Trenton

My Early Life

I was the only child, and was expected to do all of the family chores just like every other kid did in the 1700's. in 1769 at the age of 15 I started my first career in Carsile, Pennsylvania as a searvent for Mrs and Mr Irvine. Then in the same year I got married to William Hays a local barber in Carsile.

I then went into war with my husband in 1775, we stayed in camps and were fighting for independence

Then i went home. i had my first and only child in 1780, John soon i was a widow because William died 6 years later i re married to John McCauley then died on January 22, 1832

how i got my name Molly Pitcher

i got the name Molly Pitcher in the war Molly is what all soldiers called women and Pitcher is from me giving water to people in need.

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