Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles, CA

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Hollywood sign

Erected in 1923, the Hollywood sign has long welcomed aspiring actors looking to make it big in Los Angeles. And despite decades of run-ins with vandals, pranksters and developers, among others, it has managed to hang on to its prime location near the summit of Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills. As the sign celebrates its 90th birthday, here are some interesting facts about the signs fame, destructions, and history.

The hollywood sign was first built in 1923 as hollywoodland. In The sign cost $21,000 and includes thirteen 50-feet high letters.In the mid 1940's the sign begun to deteriorate and the neighborhood how thriving, wants the sign removed. The sign was turned over the city of Los Angeles and becomes part of Griffith park. In 1949 the hollywood chamber of commerce wants to rebuild the sign and remove the word land so it would just spell hollywood. The chamber gives the sign a complete makeover.

In 1976 a group of friends made there way to the sign with black and white fabric which was used to make it spell hollyweed, because the state put out I new law that they could have a little bit of marijuana. In 1978 termites infested the word wood and the "O" tumbled down the mountain. The city decided the sign would have to be completely rebuilt at the cost of $250,000, ten times the cost of the original sign. Because of the big cost of the sign Hugh Hefner starts a fund raiser to rebuild the sign. Celebrities and community leaders sponsor individual letter at $27,500 a piece. August 1978 the new sign was rebuilt.

Some more interesting facts are, In 1932, 24 year old actress, Peg Entwhistle climbs up to the top of the letter "H" and jumps off ending her life. In 1979 a ford station wagon rolled down the hill and smashed into the "H". Albert kothe was okay but the car and the "H" was not. A man's head was found near the hollywood sign by a women and her dog, and Gabriel campus Martinez was charge with death of 66- year old Harvey Medellin. Because of so many problems, the sign got cameras, razor wire fences, motion sensors, and microphones to protect the icon.

It is now illegal to hike to the hollywood sign. The hollywood sign wasn't built to be in movie but was featured in some such as shark nado, Resident Evil, Valintines day, and the run away.

The hollywood sign is one of the most famous sign in America, it is amazing that it is still standing today after all the dustrusion it's been through. The sign is 90 years old and still living strong.