Point Blank

By Dennis Pranjic

Theme: Some things can be hidden other things can be harder.


This book is a bought a 14 year old boy named Alex Rider. Alex is working for a CIA type of program called M16. He was sent to spy on the 7th richest man named Michael J. Roscoe. Roscoe got assassinated soon after Alex left to report. M16 sent Alex to a School that has 7 people and located on top of a Mt. and was called Point Blanc. It was run by a scientist named Dr.Grief and his helper Mrs. Stellenbosch. Alex was greeted by a boy named James who shoed him around. Alex soon realized that the school was cloning their students and making them better. I Don't want to spoil the end.

Alex Rider

14 Year old boy in M16 that goes trough Deadly things for the Agency

Drawn Mrs. Stellenbosch

Mrs. Stellenbosch is a helper for Dr.Grief

Conflict And Resulition

Alex is a agent who gets into big problems. The main problem is Alex is sent to point blank and needs to find a way out. The resolution of this problem is that Alex gets backup to take them out. Some secondary problems are he lands on top of a very slippery train. The resolution is he grips on but his grip fails and he falls on some soft snow. Another Conflict is he is tied up in a prison cell. The resolution is he brakes the chair and gets away.

Abought the Writer

Anthony Horowitz Made Many Books. Ass of them are abought Alex Rider. He has a Alex Rider fan club at www.alexrideradventures.com. You can also get his books there.


The Setting of point Blank is a school on top of a Mt. the Mt is over seeing a German town on the other side
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