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October 2nd, 2020

Newsletters for the Week

This week:

  • Monday

    • Homecoming week begins

    • Softball @ Southern Boone - 5:00 pm

  • Tuesday
      • Cross country @ Mexico - 4:30 pm

      • Football Vs Mexico - 5:00 pm

  • Wednesday
      • StuCo - Showcase - 7:00 am

      • Volleyball vs. Boonville - 5:30 pm

  • Thursday
      • Softball vs. Versailles - 5:00 pm

      • Volleyball @ Smithton MS - 5:30 pm

  • Friday
      • Homecoming - dismiss 90 minutes early

      • Holler at your Hornets @ FHS - 2:30 pm

  • Saturday
      • Volleyball @ Warrenton - 8:00 am

    Happening now:

    • Homecoming spirit week, October 5th through the 9th.

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Homecoming News October 5-9

Survey Says!

Explo Survey Results

We have to date had 411 students finish the FMS Explo Interest Survey. This was done during advisory last Thursday. This survey gave ideas on interests for potential new classes, career fields, and high school electives. It really gave us some good information as we begin planning for the future and will help us as students transition from FMS to FHS. Once our virtual students have had the chance to finish the survey, we will create a more detailed report, but wanted to share one area of feedback.

If you could add one class offering to the FMS exploratory classes what would it be?

Top choices identified by students were:

Introduction to Spanish-14.6%

Foods and Wellness-14.1%

Exploration of Robotics-11.7%

Show Choir-7.5%

Current Events7.3%

Introduction to Debate-6.6%

Intro to Agriculture-6.3%

(Students had the option to choose the following: Foods and Wellness, Exploration of Robotics, Intro to Spanish, Intro to Agriculture, Intro to Business and Finance, Intro to Broadcast Journalism, Current Events, Show Choir, Intro to Debate and they could add their own option as well.)


Do you have the Fulton Public School App? It’s a handy way to keep up with everything FPS! Just go to the App Store, search Fulton Public Schools, download and then add the schools you would like information for in settings. You can also copy things from the calendar onto your own personal Google calendar as well!

Daily Reminders

1. Phones put away out of sight. (pocket, locker, Chromebook case, etc.)

2. Masks covering nose and mouth unless 6ft away from another student. (front/back/side to side)

3. Dividers up for an extra precaution.

4. Transfer big backpack to locker, use drawstring bag throughout the day to minimize locker usage.

5. Bring a water bottle or get a plastic cup from your first hour teacher, put your name on it and use throughout the day.

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Past Information

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First Day Basics

Dropping your student off?

  • Please make a RIGHT hand turn into our parking lot, which is the car rider drop off area (we make it a circle drive in the morning)
  • Pull down as close to the pole barn as possible
  • Ms. Lairmore and other staff will assist
  • We try to do this as quickly as possible, so please have your middle schooler ready to go
  • You can also drop your student off on Vine street or other streets close to FMS and they can use the sidewalk to get to school.
  • Please do not drop off students on 10th street OR Grand street unless a staff member directs you to do so. (At times we drop off on Grand for weather or if the bell is getting ready to ring)
  • All students enter the building each morning at door 1

Then where does my student go?

  • All students will go to their 1st hour class. If they don't know where to go, no problem! We will have many ready to assist.

What will happen in first hour?

  • Students will get grab and go breakfast during this time. (carts in the hallway)
  • On day 1, students will get a paper copy of their full schedule with their locker.
  • Students will also get their planner and gold folder in 1st hour.
  • First hour is homeroom/advisory and your go-to contact in our building.
  • Students will get an overview of the day during this time as well.

Band Instruments

  • Large instruments on the cart by the front door, will be delivered after breakfast duty

First block/3rd hour

  • This is when students will have time to truly understand the schedule for our block days. They will write out where to go when on a template we've created and then put this in their planners. This also includes where to go in the morning if they get to school before 7:35. They will also learn how to use their planners.
  • Students will also have time to go to lockers (normally we will do this 1st hour) and practice combos, organize, etc.

5th hour, 7th hour

  • Continuation of orientation
  • Lunch procedures

9th hour

  • Students will learn all about dismissal
  • Students will review where to go in the morning
  • Q and A time for anything that may be confusing or overwhelming
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We have already had many school activities happening on campus this past week from athletics to student council to ambassadors. Our students have been ROCKSTARS on wearing masks/face coverings. We also recognize that they are kids and are going to forget. We will most definitely give reminders and presume positive when this happens.

Mask Particulars

  • Students will receive 3 cloth masks during 1st hour
  • We will use a permanent marker to write names on the inside of the masks
  • Students are expected to wear masks or appropriate face coverings when a 6ft social distance can't be maintained

What if a student doesn't wear a mask? (unless there is a health exemption)

1. Student will be asked by a staff member to put on the mask.

2. If student refuses, and administrator will ask the student to put on the mask.

3. If student refuses, parent/guardian will be contacted.

4. If a student continues to refuse, they will need to be picked up.

Masks and face coverings are most definitely not comfortable, but are our new reality. We want to focus our time at school on learning and building positive relationships.

There will be no tolerance for making fun of masks, intentionally trying to spread germs or any type of related behavior. If this should happen, parents will be immediately contacted. Again, our focus is on learning. We want to maximize every moment we are at school.

Thank you for your support!

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You may have received a welcome email from BehaviorFlip recently. We were unaware this was sent out or we would have given you more information sooner. We apologize for that!

BehaviorFlip is a system that we piloted last school year that tracks and monitors all of our students' behaviors. Not only do we track misbehavior, we also encourage and track behaviors students exhibit that are resilient! The information we gain from tracking the behaviors allows us to make informed decisions on how best to support our students.

The email you should have received was in regards to activating your account. Through your BehaviorFlip account, you will be able monitor your child's behaviors while they are at school. If you did not receive an email, please let us know and we can make sure you get set up. Giving parents access is something new we are trying this year and we will still be working through the kinks. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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FMS Athletics

Just a reminder that sports practices for 7th and 8th graders start next Monday, August 17th from 3:30-5:30. Please be sure your child has a current physical. See the athletics page for more information

You can email coaches for specific information.

Softball-Ashley Windmiller (softball field)

Volleyball-Megan Youse (gym)

Football-Patrick Knipe (football bleachers)

Cross Country-Paige Braun (pole barn)

Cheerleading-Chelsea Jacobs (by the small pond/flag pole)

General athletic questions can be sent to:

Activities Director-Ryan Waters

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Fulton Focus-With ALL Updates

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FMS Updated Return to Learn Plan

Distance Learning Plan

We have developed a plan for if school would have to close. It can be found in the link below. We will go over this in the Facebook Live Monday night. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can access the Live on our website. I've included this link below as well.

FMS Facebook Page Link

FMS Website