LeBron James

"King JAMES!"

You think I will stop here? Hell NOOO!!

When LeBron James moved into the NBA straight from high school, everyone doubted that he would get any championship rings at all. He entered the NBA during the 2003 draft picks, being the number 1 overall draft pick for the Cleveland Cavs. A year later after being drafted, LeBron James led his Cavs into the nba finals, but came short to the San Antonio Spurs. When James lost to the spurs in the NBA finals, everyone did not think that he would become a championship kind of guy. He spent the rest of the years not being able to be in the championship games because his team would lose in the first round of the playoffs. LeBron James never gave up, working hard to strive for greatness. During the 2012 season with the Miami Heat, LeBron James 5 won his first ring. He had another ring the year after defeating the Spurs in the NBA finals. LeBron Proved wrong each and everyone of the people who thought that he was not going to get a ring. After the two first rings, he is still aiming for more rings.
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